‘Don’t Talk About My Brother Like That’: T.I. AND Tiny’s Daughter Heiress Harris Defends Big Brother King After Dad Continues to Crack Jokes on His ‘Growing’ New Teeth

TIP ” T.I.” Harris is still laughing and defending his son King Harris, who was dragged online for debuting his new teeth.

Many clowned the 18-year-old for traveling to Colombia to get veneers this week, claiming that they looked unnatural or too big for his mouth. Others said they looked too white or compared him to the cartoon cat Garfield.

Fans mock T.I.'s son King after the teenager shows off his new set of veneers.
Fans mock T.I.’s son King after the teenager shows off his new set of veneers. See before and after. (Photo: @the_next_king10/Instagram)

The devoted dad was asked about the backlash King received about 18 minutes into a recorded radio interview, joined by rising comedians Kelly “K-Dubb” Walker, Jayski, and Ronnie Jordan, who joined King’s father on a recent comedy tour in Philadelphia over the weekend.

The “Live Your Life” rapper has been embarking on his career as an aspiring comedian. He told host DJ Diamond Kuts that he “respects, admires, and celebrates” King for saving his money and going through with the process.

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TIP also claims his wife Tiny Harris‘ initial reaction was not to speak up for her son against internet trolls.

“I’m giving him props and his mama walk in and the first thing she say, ‘Why the hell is they so damn big?’” he laughs while on air.

“They gave King TIP teeth,” said K-Dubb before T.I. added, “He’s a growing boy, he’s gon’ grow into it.”

K-Dubb then came back with more jokes aimed at King, whom he compared to rapper Chief Keef and Keith Sweat.

“Somebody called King Teef Keef,” he said before everyone fell out laughing, “They said go on Teeth Sweat.”

As everyone attempted to catch their breath, T.I.’s 7-year-old daughter can be seen hitting him on the shoulder to get him to stop laughing.

He asked, “What you say, baby?” as he pointed the microphone in Heiress’ direction to speak. “Don’t talk ’bout my brother like that!” she sternly said.

King’s dental work appears to have cost a pretty penny and was performed by Dr. Mario Montoya, who did his mother Tiny’s procedure. But fans were all here for Heiress sticking up and standing by her big brother.

“She the most gangsta one in the whole room lol.”

“I love TI that man can take a joke meanwhile tiny sliding down a wall finna cry cause the internet call her son teeth big.”

“If you not stepping for me like lil sis then I don’t want you on the team.”

“I’m hollering Getting roasted by ya daddy is a different type of love.”

Their sister, Zonnique Pullins, also came to King’s defense in an interview with TMZ, stating that she always supports her siblings.

“I support whatever my brother wanna do. If he likes it I love it,” she told a reporter while spotted out with her OMG Girlz band mates. Bajha Rodriguez and Breaunna Womack backed her up, insisting that King “always looks good.”

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