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‘I Want Claire Huxtable to Yell at Him’: Drake’s New Hairstyle Has Fans Drawing Comparisons to This ‘Cosby Show’ Character

Rapper Drake has been experimenting with his hairstyles for a couple of years, from growing out his braids to the heart part on the side of his dark Caesar fade. For his latest do, he’s rocking two puffs with parting pink clips.

It's Because of Astroworld': Fans React to Drake's Decision to Withdraw His 2021 Grammy Nominations
Drake withdrew from the 2022 Grammy nominations. (Photo: @champagnepapi/Instagram)

In viral pics circulating on Instagram, the rap star can be seen wearing a blue FUBU shirt while sitting on bleachers next to Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant at a gym. But it was his power puffs that caused a stir among fans. 

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Fans teased the Canadian chart-topper saying he looked like a number of animated cartoon characters from Disney Playhouse, Looney Tunes, and the “Rugrats” television series.

“Drake to Barber: let me get the Minnie Mouse. Barber: Say no more.”

Many pointed out that while some are saying Drake looks like a cartoon character, there was a time when he actually was.

“All those memes about Drake being a cartoon character irl when he was actually a real cartoon character.”

The actor-turned-rapper voiced the character Ethan, the teenage woolly mammoth in the 2012 film “Ice Age: Continental Drift.”

Another image shows Drake and his puffs sitting in a vehicle, squinting one eye while looking into the camera with the other.

One person compared his look to Tempest Bledsoe, who played Vanessa Huxtable, one of the Cosby kids,” writing, “I want Claire Huxtable to yell at him.”

Another shared a popular meme of Suzie from the “Rugrats” and photoshopped Drake’s head on top of her body. In the series, she wears blond pigtails with red bows.

While many are calling on Mama Clair to step in and snatch some sense into the artist known on Instagram as Champagne Papi, a probe through his page shows not only does he typically keep his hair kept, but he also is teaching his son mop maintenance.

In one photograph posted on Aug. 11, Drake is pictured taking down Adonis’ blond hair. Both Daddy and son were sporting Allen Iverson braids, thought the youngster didn’t look too happy at having to sit still.

Drake also quoted the former Sixers player, saying, “Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo doesn’t make him a good guy.”

The image led to a back-and-forth in the comment section, where Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty replied, “It’s no way your sitting here acting like your braiding his hair for the internet.”

Drake hit back with a rather disrespectful response, telling Yachty to worry about his own son.

“I was unbraiding it b—h your son said you ain’t hit him in 6 months on his finsta he said he need some Jordans and a backpack for school,” he wrote.

Maybe Drake seems less concerned about hair fashion and more concerned about being a “good dad.” FUBU founder and “Shark Tank” investor Daymond John said he was happy to see Drake, as well as other artists of today, such as the OVO rapper’s ex SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, and Chris Brown, all paying homage during the 50th year of hip-hop to the brand John created over 35 years ago.

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