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Costco Worker Says She Was Scolded By Manager Because Her Body Is Too Curvy for Her Uniform: ‘I Was Told I Need to Wear Bigger Clothes’

A New Jersey woman is claiming she received a reprimand from her employer due to an alleged violation of the company’s dress code.

She strongly maintains that she was in compliance with the guidelines and claims that the incident at the office left her feeling “embarrassed.”

The worker now accuses her managers of body-shaming her.

Costco Worker Says Her Manager Told Her Body Was Too Curvy for Her Uniform
Aisha Mason made a video saying that her manager scolded her for filling out her Costco uniform. (Photo: Video screenshot)

Aisha Mason, who identifies as a spiritualist on Instagram, vented her frustration about her workplace, Costco, on her social media platforms. According to her post, her superiors allegedly criticized her body shape and stated that her body was too curvaceous to wear a particularly form-fitting polo shirt and gray lounge pants while on the clock.

She posted on July 26 a couple of videos on both her TikTok and Instagram, stating, “I just want to know if I look inappropriate for work. My dress code is a polo and dress pants or jeans (with no rips).

“I got a verbal because of my body shape, and I was told I need to wear bigger clothes,” she says as she films herself in a mirror. “I don’t appreciate being body-shamed.”

In another video, she said she was “borderline pissed,” and she has people following her around the store, but she can’t help that.

According to, Zippia, the Costco dress code specifies that women should wear an “appropriate blouse or shirt” during their work hours, along with either pants or skirts. The preferred choices for bottoms are dress pants and khakis, but there is also the option for women to wear knee-length skirts if they prefer.

Additionally, female employees are required to don the Costco vest and wear the name tag provided by the company.

People had mixed feelings after hearing her story and seeing what she wore.

“Why don’t they pull the men aside and talk to them about sexual harassment,” one person asked.

“Once again, women being held responsible for men’s behavior. This has got to stop,” a woman barked.

“Her clothes are too tight point blank period. Get over it. Yes, you’re sexy but at work you need to dress appropriately and that means loose-fitting not tights,” a commenter said in part.

Mason’s case mildly mirrors that of Ariana Cossie, a former Home Depot employee.

Cossie faced a similar situation when her online pictures in uniform went viral, making it unbearable due to harassment, stalking, and cyberbullying to stay on the job. Both received backlash, implying a desire for attention while working at the respective retail stores.

However, unlike Mason, Cossie’s clothing was not deemed too tight, nor did she receive reprimands from superiors about her attire.

On July 31, five days after the incident, Mason returned to social media with a note for her 12,000 Instagram followers.

“Thank you to everyone who supports me, and understands what I was saying in my video… to one’s that didn’t agree with me but gave me great advice I appreciate you too, I understand you said it out of love, and good intentions,” she wrote in her caption and as a meme. “To the ones who felt the need to harshly criticize me, and jump on the bandwagon to disrespect me, and tried to create a false narrative of my situation.”

She ended her remarks with one jab at those who consider her clothes too tight, “I understand that’s a YOU problem… it’s deeper than me… I’ll pray for your spirit! #loveyou #understanding #itsok.”

Costco has not released a statement regarding her uniform.

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