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‘I Can’t Make This Up’: Method Man Blasts Racist Fan Who Called Him the N-Word for Missing Wu-Tang Clan Show In Greece

Method Man is generally a fan favorite, but he recently shared a message on Instagram from a so-called “fan” who was upset the Wu-Tang Clan member wouldn’t be performing at an upcoming show.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 06: Method Man attends the 4th Annual Celebration of Black Cinema and Television presented by The Critics Choice Association at Fairmont Century Plaza on December 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images,)

The “fan” was so upset that he hurled a number of insults at the rap star, including the dreaded N-word.

The correspondence from Panagiotis Skopelitis, whose Instagram page is now unavailable, started off friendly and polite with the Greek fan even referring to the artist as “Mr. Smith” and reminding him that he brings “all the energy to the show.”

“I got informed that you are not coming to Greece along with the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan at 27/7,” Skopelitis wrote in a DM. “No Method Man means no real Wu. … I know the reasons behind your absence and I totally understand but think about the fans also.”

“I was waiting my whole life for this. Please don’t do this to us!!!!!” he added before ending with “Love you!”

That love was short-lived, though, as the very next message from Skopelitis was an angry paragraph full of criticism and cusswords.

“You know what Mr. Meth, F–K YOU, [you] could at least read it,” the impatient Greek freaked. “You don’t care about the fans, only thing you care [about] is money, p–sy a– n–ga. Get the f–k outta here you clown. I hope you make nothing but failures from this point on … B–ch a– n–ga.”

And, just to reiterate, Skopelitis sent one more message saying, “F–K YOU!!!”

In his post, Method Man was critical of the fan but explained that he wasn’t attempting to be mean by sharing the messages, and ultimately took the high road.

“I’m pretty sure someone will say I’m wrong or that I’m bullying for posting this, but if I didn’t, you all wouldn’t believe me,” he said. “And this is after professing his love for Wu-Tang I can’t make this up.

“With that being said, I’m sending love and light to this young man,” the rap star said, tagging Skopelitis in the message. The post has now been deleted from his Instagram page.

Wu-Tang Clan is currently on the NY State Of Mind Tour with Nas, but the Greek date at the center of this debacle is part of a handful of shows the group is performing while the tour is on break. The Clan will headline the Release Athens Festival in Kallithea, Greece, on July 27. 

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