‘It Kinda Put Some Hair on My Chest’: ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ Star Jeremy Suarez Explains How He Adjusted to a ‘Regular Lifestyle’ Working In Retail and Construction After Childhood Fame

Jeremy Suarez became a young star as Jordan on “The Bernie Mac Show,” but he since has traded in the limelight for real-life experiences.

The sitcom ran from 2001 to 2005, and starred Camille Winbush and Dee Dee Davis as Jordan’s sisters. The late comedian played the trio’s uncle. But when the show ended, so did Suarez’s pursuit of gigs. Instead, he grew up and turned to retail jobs, worked as a line cook, and worked in construction.

“The Bernie Mac Show” stars Dee Dee Davis, Camille Winbush, and Jeremy Suarez (Photo: @Realjeremysuarez/Instagram)

“I mean it was good work, it was heavy work, but like I said, it kinda put some hair on my chest, man,” he told Hype+ about his time as a boilermaker apprentice. Suarez said that it proved, “I may be an actor and I may got soft hands, but got dang it I’mma use ‘em to lift s—t. I’m not scared, ya know.”

He added, “I always transitioned to regular job and kind of lifestyle with a purpose of using that as like a fact-finding mission. You go out and you see all of these stuff … you take it and you make all of those things part of you.”

Fans commended him for his outlook on life outside of fame. 

“You can tell he’s a really solid person and didn’t let the hollywood exposure change him. Class act,” wrote one person.

“His transition from famous child actor to a man is a great thing to see. He didn’t shy away from being a regular dude,” wrote another.

While he may forever be known as Jordan to some, he looks forward to making his reintroduction in entertainment.

“I think you can run away from it and try to be the exact opposite of that character, but not really … Jordan is one section of me. It’s one little slither of Jeremy. There’s tons of different Jeremys too. I’m hoping that in the future I’ll just get to show all the different parts of me.”

Some social media followers already have a few suggestions, which include, biopics about Richard Pryor or Nick Cannon.

Similar to Suarez, Davis previously explained that she too ditched acting after the show’s success to live a normal life. She cited the scrutiny and inability to do regular activities, such as attend school with her peers, as one of the main reasons.

Winbush has continued to add credits to her résumé, having landed roles in several shows and movies. Last year, she and Davis made headlines when their content on OnlyFans became a talking point. Profiles for both women state there is no nudity, but their exclusive content still made a sizzle online.

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