‘Have You Ever Been to a Concert That Wasn’t Sold Out of Mine?’: Tamar Braxton Hits ‘Back’ At Critics Who Question Her Success as an Artist

Tamar Braxton is a successful vocalist whose talents have earned her multiple accolades and a Grammy nomination. 

The R&B singer has sold out arenas and nationwide tours, but that hasn’t stopped people from questioning her talents as an artist. 

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Tamar Braxton remembers a time when someone tried to question her success. (Pictured:@thenmaam/YouTube)

The “Love and War” songstress and her fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson, released a new episode of their YouTube show, “All Things Black & White.”

In the 30-minute video, the couple shared tips on how to maintain wealth while also creating new streams of income. 

Seven minutes into the conversation, Braxton and Robinson shifted from discussing money to giving advice. They talked about how they dealt with negative talk from others.

“People think they taking from you and setting you back; it really is a set-up,” the mother of one stated. 

“When people be tryna throw salt on my name or act like,” she said, before pausing as she recalled a time when an unnamed person attempted to dim her light. 

“This was funny to me. I had one person one time was like, ‘Oh well you know I wanna book Tamar, but she don’t sell tickets,’ ” Braxton said before she looked to Robinson and asked, “To where!?”

Surprised at his future wife’s story, the New Orleans native replied, “Oh wow.”

“You ever been to a concert that wasn’t sold out of mine?” Braxton asked JR. “What’s the name of it? No, I’m deada–.”

After JR said that he’s never witnessed Braxton not perform at a sold-out show, she informed him that he “never will.” 

She then added, “People do stuff like that, so you’ll stop getting opportunities. They wanna stop you in your tracks.” 

Before JR shared his opinion on haters, Braxton shared her belief that no one can take away a person’s God-given talents. “The world didn’t give it to you, so the world can’t take it away. And that’s really how it goes,” the vocalist adamantly declared. 

Braxton dropped her most recent single, “Changed,” on her birthday in March. Within a week, the song took over the iTunes R&B chart, peaking at No. 3.

Currently, Braxton is preparing to perform at “The Summer Block Party” concert along with the musical quartet Jodeci and R&B crooner Joe.

The Texas event is set for Friday, Aug. 25, and tickets are available on Ticketmaster. 

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