‘Must Have Been a 50 Cent Song’: Gunplay Goes Off ‘In Da Club’ After Being ‘Disrespected’ By DJ Who Played Diss Tracks About Rick Ross

Fans say Gunplay completely lost it at a Miami nightclub after the DJ played two songs from Rick Ross‘ longtime nemesis, 50 Cent.

The “Power Circle” rapper shocked a crowd of clubgoers when he threatened to kill everyone at G5ive strip club after the DJ played two songs by the “In da Club” artist.

Rick Ross’ friend and former artist Gunplay threatened patrons at a club after a DJ played 50 Cent’s music. (Photos: @gunplay_2.0/Instagram; @50cent/Instagram)

The altercation was caught on video and shared on Instagram by Baller Alert. It shows Gunplay personally threatening the DJ and throwing a table at him.

“Why would you play that?” he can be heard telling the DJ, who played 50’s track “Many Men.”

“It wasn’t like that, bro,” replied the DJ. “I’m serious.”

Gunplay then tried to knock over a speaker as security quickly arrived on the scene, prompting him to become more irate. After his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, tried to calm him down, the recording artist threatened everyone in the club.

“Don’t touch me before I shoot this s—t up,” he screamed. “I’ll shoot this whole s—t up…Don’t you f—king touch me. I’ll kill everything in here.”

Gunplay later apologized for his behavior and tried to explain himself in a statement shared on his Instagram page.

“After the birthday party we decided to celebrate my 44th at G5Miami. When we first arrived it was all love. After the bottle girls brought out our bottles and ones. DJ Juice started to shout me out for my birthday and started to play ‘Many Men’ by 50 cent,” he wrote.

The “Bible on the Dash” artist went on to say that he “just vibed out and let it play” until the DJ shouted him out again and played “I Smell A Pu—y,” also by 50 Cent.

“At this point I felt disrespected and tried. How I reacted is clear in the video. I never once intentionally pushed my wife or wanted to cause her harm,” Gunplay continued, adding that the viral clip was taken from the end of the altercation. He said he didn’t know who was touching him, but he “wanted them off” of him.

The former Maybach Music signee also claimed that the DJ was fired and “not paid for the set.”

“I apologize to the innocent bystanders who were threatened in my moment of rage. I love my wife and my fans, he concluded.

Several fans were shocked after watching the video, including some who blamed security for not doing more to stop the enraged artist from popping off.

“Security need to be fired! Clear threats to kill everybody and he still on his feet?! Nah.”

“So he pushed a woman and threaten to shoot the place up over a song????? [clown emoji].”

“Had to be an @50cent song.”

50 Cent and Gunplay have a history together, but not a good one, after having once fought at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. The music mogul and several members of his G-Unit entourage reportedly jumped the Miami native backstage after inserting himself into Fif’s past beef with Ross.

Shaky video footage of the altercation shows several men throwing punches and Gunplay being thrown into the air and having his chain taken. Viewers can also see police spraying pepper spray.

“That was 50 fighting too!!” said a person out of the camera’s view. However, G-Unit rapper Mike Knox later told TMZ that Gunplay was “in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was acting a certain kinda way.”

“So, he got dealt with,” Knox continued. “He got his a— kicked.”

Gunplay confirmed that he was sticking up for the “Biggest Boss.” He addressed the fight during a 2015 interview on ESPN, where he stated, “I seen 50 Cent and I took off on ’em.”

However, 50 Cent has yet to react to Gunplay’s Miami antics.

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