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‘You Don’t Hang Out with Fly Chicks to be Their Friend’: Steve Harvey Decries That Men and Women Can be Platonic Friends, Insisting That Men Are Only Hanging Out for ‘Something Else’

Steve Harvey believes the fairy tale of men and women being just friends is just that — a tale. A resurfaced clip from his now-defunct talk show has reignited a debate on his perspective about the two sexes sharing in each other’s company without things being romantic.

Speaking with a woman in the audience, he decried that no man was capable of offering genuine friendship to a woman. “The only way you have a guy friend is you’re saying we’re only friends,” he began. Steve continued to share his logic about men having ulterior motives.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey
Steve and Marjorie Harvey Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

“They’re hanging out with you in hopes of something else happening. They hang out with you, and they circle like buzzards, waiting for a crack in the door, a chink in the armor. Guys are not made that way,” he said. “Men, you don’t hang out with fly chicks to be their friend. You hope you catch them hurting one day and you’re there for them.”

As male members of the audience and the comedian’s staff began to clap, he added, “Guys know I’m telling the truth.” The four-time author has been making headlines about his stance on relationships and sometimes controversial advice to women seeking a man for years.

In fact, he wrote two books: “Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man” and “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” specifically targeting his female fanbase. The latter book spawned two successful films. But not everyone is on board with his way of thinking. Some of the comments on the resurfaced clip read:

“He projecting af. If a girl is funny and cool to be around ima be their friend. Doesn’t mean I wanna date bruh

“Hate all you want. He’s speaking facts. 

“Take notes… These are the precious words coming from someone divorced twice for cheating…”

“As a man, this is completely untrue. Bro said “we” when he meant “me.”

“Nah. Men are capable of more than this behavior.

Steve has been married to his wife, Marjorie Harvey, for 16 years. He has previously admitted to being unfaithful in his first two marriages.

More recently, his attempt to impart some of his acquired wisdom to Keke Palmer also has resurfaced in the aftermath of the actress’ public fallout with her boyfriend of two years, Darius Jackson. Like the aforementioned clip, it too sparked a range of reactions.

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