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Beyonce Solicited By Father To Care For Half Brother As Her Own

The stories are starting to get crazier and crazier!! Reports just surfaced that Matthew Knowles requested his mistress to hand over their baby to his daughter Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z to care as their own!!!

I can’t keep up with these stories. And this is far more scandalous than Beyonce being accused of faking her pregnancy!! And I’m ashamed to say that it’s more believable. The entire Beyonce fake baby bump rumor was disheartening. Matthew Knowles is a well-known shrewd business man. While many admired his work to create the superstar that is known as Beyonce, his business decisions to getting her there were always greeted with a side eye.

Matthew was forced to fess up to his 18 month relationship with Alexsandra Wright when a DNA test proved he was the father of her child.

Matthew may have mixed up this dealings with Alexsandra as an every day business transaction. According to Alexsandra, Matthew approached her to give up the rights to her child to Beyonce and Jay-Z. When that tactic didn’t work Matthew offered her money to leave his name off the birth certificate.

Needless to say Tina Knowles filed for a divorce after thirty years of marriage when news of the paternity suit surfaced.

It’s not hard to see why Beyonce and Kelly Rowland fired Matthew as their manager. Wonder why we haven’t spotted Beyonce out with her father??

According to Star Magazine via Jezebel Magazine, Alexsandra stated,

“My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay-Z was, ‘Are you out of your mind?”

“Nothing in the world, no amount of money would make me give up my child, you can’t buy my child from me!”

What’s even more bizarre than Matthew’s offer to his mistress is whether he really believed Beyonce and Jay-Z would accept such an absurd offer!

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