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‘You Haven’t Paved a Gahtdayum Thing for a Black Woman’: Roseanne Barr Under Fire for Demanding a ‘Thank You’ from Lizzo for ‘Paving the Way’ for the Body Positivity

Roseanne Barr is under fire for comments she made about Lizzo giving her flowers, and fans are not having it. 

The former television star issued a PSA to the “Truth Hurts” singer with some harsh truths of her own. On Instagram, the comedian and actress shared a throwback photo of herself on the cover of Vanity Fair from February 1994. 

Barr can be seen posing in lingerie as she sat in a wooden chair wearing a red flower in her hair.  

Roseanne says she “paved a way” for Lizzo to make it in the industry. @officialroseannebarr/Instagram

“When is @lizzobeating going to thank me for paving the way. An homage to Botero,” she wrote in her caption in addition to tagging Lizzo. She credits the photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

Barr’s post and remarks are reflective of how she felt during a discussion on the debut episode of “The Roseanne Barr Podcast.”

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At the 9:40 mark, she begins ranting and shouting, “That pisses me off about big fat f—n Lizzo being so proud of herself. B—h, I laid the groundwork for you and you’ve never even said thank you.”

She continued, “I was the one that they wrote all the s—t about every fat joke in the world, call me a cow and a pig. Even in Time and Newsweek, they called me a cow and a fat pig. Talking about fat acceptance, why don’t you all kiss my fat accepting a—. I did the work, b—h.”

Lizzo is a Grammy award-winning artist and an advocate for body positivity. She frequently uses her platforms to shine a light on curvy and thick women, as seen in her recent Prime Video series, “Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls.” 

Last year, the 33-year launched her shapewear brand, “Yitty,” aimed to fit body types of all shapes and sizes. It serves as an example of the messages she preaches about changing society’s norms when it comes to body image.

It’s appropriate to question why Barr would like for Lizzo to give her credit for “paving a way” when many successful plus-sized women of color such as Missy Elliott, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah, and Mo’Nique have opened up doors for the generation of women that followed behind them.

According to The Shade Room’s repost, several social media users were not only confused by Barr’s statement but many also criticized her for even writing such a message. 

“Baby you haven’t paved a gahdayum thing for a black woman.”

“the audacity.”

“Here white women go trynna discredit black women.”

Barr’s message soon traveled to Twitter, where users’ responses weren’t so nice. 

“Delusional white women constantly thinking they paved the way for black artists is always crazy. lizzo has always thanked people who paved the way and inspired her. roseanne hasn’t done anything remarkable with her career to want recognition like this.” 

A few shared kinder responses telling the former “Roseanne” star to uplift Lizzo instead of bashing her.

One said, “What is your issue with Lizzo, I don’t think she’s old enough to have watched your show in the ’90s, so why should she thank you? I don’t get it. Also, you had many surgeries. Love Roseanne but geez, maybe lift her up a little.”

Another wrote, “You definitely helped the bigger girls however there were many before and will be many after you. How about celebrating with lizzo rather than bashing. Women need to lift women up not down. Not hating freaking love you just wish you went about this different.”

Lizzo has not yet addressed Barr’s comments, likely because she’s living her best life in Warsaw, Poland. According to her Instagram, she recently attended a recent stop on Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour.”

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