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‘I’m the Original Bus Driver’: Nicki Minaj Ends Chat with Stevie J After He Seemingly Shoots His Shot at Her Again on Live

Fans are saying Nicki Minaj’s recent Instagram Live took a quick turn for the worse after Stevie J joined her to seemingly shoot his shot at the rapper again.

The “Super Freaky Girl” lyricist dissed him the first time he tried four years ago, but it appears he hasn’t taken the hint.

While interacting with fans via IG, the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum came through to give Minaj her props in the music industry. 

Nicki Minaj and Stevie J. (Photos: @nickiminaj/Instagram, @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

“Yo, keep doing what you doing, they can’t f–k with you,” Stevie said. 

According to Minaj, the famed record producer wasn’t saying anything she hadn’t previously heard from him. “You been told me that, remember years ago when you saw me? You was telling me that in the club and I really appreciate that,” she said. 

Throughout the video, the two discuss working together on a potential collaboration and Stevie’s contribution to Mariah Carey’s 1998 track, “Breakdown.” Another topic was the infamous creep face he makes when he’s trying to mack on the ladies.

“When did you start making that face in your life?” Minaj asked him. 

“Ooh, when I was doing some real greasy, grimy s–t in life,” Stevie explained while making the face. 

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Before their interaction came to an end, Stevie was asked about a season 1 encounter with his “LHH: ATL” cast mate, Karlie Redd, when she attempted to show off her rapping skills. 

During the scene, Redd performed one of her unreleased songs, “Louie, Prada, Gucci,” and added a one-two step as choreography. Her ambitious performance quickly turned into a long-running joke on social media. 

When Stevie was told to state his opinion on her performance, he emphatically called it “trash.”

“I mean, she’s a cool person, but… Everybody can’t do music. And that goes to say for a lot of artists right now, everybody can’t do this,” the 51-year-old said. 

In between Minaj’s applause, Stevie continued, “Everybody need to stay in they lane, some people just need to be bus drivers. You know what I’m saying?”

After her ovation, Minaj admitted that she used to want to become a bus driver, but changed her aspiring career path after her mother urged her to “stop saying that.” 

Stevie then responded, “I’m the original bus driver,” while doing his signature smile and rubbing his goatee.

There was a brief moment of silence before Minaj addressed him while wearing a confused expression, saying, “What the f–k is you? … OK, sir. All right, Stevie,” seconds before kicking him off her Live.

Stevie J’s “bus driver” reference is an allusion to the many women he deals with or attempts to court. During the earlier seasons of the VH1 reality series, the former “Creep Squad” member continuously joked about having a bus, a reference to his team of ladies

A few of those women include his ex Joseline Hernandez, the mother of his daughter Bonnie Bella; and his ex Mimi Faust, the mother of his daughter Eva Giselle; and his former girlfriend Estelita Quintero. 

Though Minaj’s reaction to Stevie J’s statement was dismissive, it wasn’t anything compared to her 2018 diss towards him. 

The mother of one previously called Stevie out for editing a nude photo of her and sharing it on his Instagram page. Many took his post as his attempt to shoot his shot, and if that was the case, then his result was the ultimate airball.

“Those. Ain’t. My. Feet. Steebie.  This is a whole edit,” Minaj replied back. 

Though her response may not have been ideal, it seems as if there is no bad blood between the two celebrities.

Stevie is currently in the middle of his divorce from Faith Evans, therefore he could be looking to find new passengers along his “bus” route. But only time will tell.

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