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‘This Is Heartbreaking’: ‘America’s Dad’ John Amos Remains Hospitalized as Investigation Over His Daughter’s Elderly Abuse Claims Begins In Colorado

Authorities in Colorado have launched an investigation into an elder abuse claim from John Amos’ daughter, Shannon Amos. The “Good Times” actor and his attorney disputed her claims while hospitalized, which she reiterated in an Instagram video.

Shannon Amos
Shannon Amos (left) and John Amos (right). (Photo: Shannon Amos / YouTube)

Shannon revealed that a GoFundMe account was set up in honor of her father, alleging “fighting for his life in the ICU.” She also alleged that he was a victim of financial exploitation, which is now being investigated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

“Mr. Amos has been a beloved member of our community for many years. He has also been an ardent supporter of our community and this sheriff’s office,” read a statement Denver outlet 9News obtained from the organization.

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“We take allegations of crimes very seriously. We can confirm that an allegation was made to the Custer County Sheriff’s Office that Mr. Amos could be a victim of a crime.”

CBI is reportedly also working with the Department of Human Services and have been in communication with Amos and his attorney.

His daughter was the first to reveal her father’s case with the CBI. Shannon found out he was hospitalized after he called her on May 14.

His representative, Belinda Foster, told TMZ he was there to treat heart issues caused by fluid filling his lower body up to his abdomen. As of June 8, Amos had reportedly started to feel “100%” healthy after doctors were able to drain the fluid.

The GoFundMe account set up in his honor has now raised over $12,600 out of its $500,000 goal. Shannon claims the money will be used to help his children travel from other states to see him.

After Amos initially denied his daughter’s allegations, she made a video stating that she was not “crazy” or “lying” about the safety and well-being of “The Roots” star.

“All due respect to my father’s response, I understand that this is embarrassing and upsetting and probably not what he would have wanted me to do but it is in his best interest,” she explained.

Shannon admitted there’s more to the story though she “can’t name names” at the moment due to potential defamation allegations.

Fans were shocked once again after learning new details about “America’s Dad” and the state of his health.

“This is heartbreaking.”

“Oh no! That’s awful. I hope he gets the safe and good care that he needs and deserves!”

“There are way too many vile and malicious people on this planet. Doesn’t take much to be a good human. I’m so sorry to hear this — sending healing thoughts to Mr. Amos.”

“Ok. Now I really do not like humans…not John this is messed up. No one deserves this I hope they get what’s coming to them. My Condolences to all his family. He is loved by many!! family is mad at this!!”

“Not McDowells!!!” wrote one final commentator, who referred to the family restaurant Amos’ character owned in “Coming to America.”

In the original 1988 film and its sequel “Coming 2 America,” he played Cleo McDowell, the boss of Eddie Murphy’s character Akeem and the father of his love interest, Lisa, played by actress Shari Headley.

On June 12, Amos’ son K.C. shared a video of him embracing his father with a hug in the hospital. 

“You made it, man I’m so glad to see you I don’t know what to do,” said the actor. “Boy you made my day, you made my life.”

The same video was posted on the 83-year-old’s Instagram page. The caption read, “Who can deny the bond a father & a son have for each other?”

A few social media users have expressed their suspicions about K.C., who regularly shares fun videos of their time together.

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