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‘Tried to Lie and Say I Assaulted Him’: Marlon Wayans Cited by Cops at Denver Airport for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ Following Interaction with ‘Rude’ Gate Agent Who Called Security on Him

Marlon Wayans was slapped with a citation for “disturbing the peace” after he was removed on a flight headed to Kansas City Friday night.

On June 9, the comedian shared a series of Instagram posts detailing his interaction with a gate agent who works for United Airlines.

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“Just sometimes you come across a d—k. United pick better people to work for you,” he said in one video. In the caption, he tagged the airline’s CEO and gave insight into what took place at the airport.

“Bro claimed i had too many bags so i complied and consolidated them he was like “oh now you have to check that bag”. Bye. I’m in seat 2 A come holla,” Marlon wrote. “Most agents are always love but every now and then you come across BAD PEOPLE. This was one of them. @united this type of employee should never work at your company. I’m writing a lettter DEAR MR. @scottkirby …”

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The incident took place at an airport in Denver, Colorado, according to TMZ. Marlon was given the citation from Denver Police after getting into it with the agent.

A witness claims that Marlon was so mad he had to check his bag that he reportedly “slammed” his ticket on the counter and proceeded to board the plane. The agent was unable to stop him and therefore called security.

Not long after, the pissed entertainer was escorted away from the airline gate, as can be seen in a video from the outlet.

“I hate when people abuse their authority … clearly the case here. The manager was rude, the gate agent… missed my shows this feels like the twilight zone,” Marlon continued his rant on Twitter. “So petty. I fly hundreds of thousands of miles every year. I will be sure not to spend my first class money on @united.”

The “White Chicks” actor alleges the agent “tried to lie and say i assaulted him. The video clearly shows i never touched him.”

He said his next step is to call his lawyers to seek compensation for his troubles and an apology to his fans. “This was the highest level of disrespect. And should’ve been avoided.”

He then used a clip from a scene in the movie to express how “freaking pissed” he was about his interaction with the “rude and wrong” gate agent.

“I hope the agent that made me miss my flight feels content knowing you f—-ked up a lot of people’s Friday night in KANSAS CITY. You messed with the wrong ni*** i mean white chick today buddy,” the post concluded.

The 50-year-old thanked another United employee, Charlene Huggins Mcclean, for actually trying to be helpful in the situation. “The rest of you involved with this conflict ain’t worth a damn. Bullying and harassment comes in all forms. That was abuse of inflated power.”

Marlon was scheduled to perform for three nights at the Improv Comedy Theatre in Kansas City. He ended up making the first sold-out show after hopping on a first-class flight with American Airlines.

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