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‘The Full Definition of a Deadbeat’: Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah Slammed By His Son Infinite, Says the Rapper ‘Ghosted’ His Children and Hasn’t Spoke to Him In More Than 15 Years

Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah is in the news after one of his sons blasted him for being a “deadbeat” father.

In a lengthy Instagram post on May 24, his second-oldest, Infinite Coles, shared a carousel of images to support his claims, including screenshots of text messages that went unanswered.

“A man who doesn’t take care of his family will NEVER be blessed …. @realghostfacekillah ghosted us for too long !!!” he wrote in his caption.

Ghostface Killah Infinite Coles
Ghostface Killah (L) and his son, Infinite Coles (R). (Photo: @realghostfacekillah / @4everinfinite / Instagram)

“I have NEVER been the type to go online and talk about my personal life, my family or my emotions,” he began. “However, today I’m giving an inside look into my broken heart, because I’m feeling more lost and hopeless than I have ever been.”

The 28-year-old admitted he never intended to share his family’s business online for fear of tarnishing his father’s “reputation.” But enough is enough and all he wants is to be shown love and affection.

“I’m tired of the PAIN. My heart has been aching and longing to be loved by you, MY FATHER for way too long. So since you are unreachable, perhaps this will get your attention.”

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The rapper, born Dennis Coles, has three other children — some of whom followed in his footsteps pursuing careers in the music industry. However, Infinite claims he hasn’t had a “full conversation” with his father nor has he seen him in more than 15 years.

“The legend that you all love, Ghostface Killah is the full definition of a deadbeat. Dad, you
let us live without light, gas, or even communication from you for years. You have
all this coin and yet you allow my uncles to clean up your mess,” he explained.

The fellow musician revealed that he was living in a shelter at one point during the pandemic in 2020. He also accused Ghostface of abandoning his sister who is “mentally ill.”

“YOU do not give a damn about your children and it’s time to lay this s—t on the table,” he said, before alleging how uncomfortable he was around Ghostface as a kid.

Coles also said he hated himself “for many years” until he found the courage to realize that there was nothing wrong with him.

“I can’t even say you’re only a deadbeat to me because I’m gay, because you’re a
deadbeat to all of your kids. Some more than others, but what I’ve been seeking is the
answer as to why?” he continued. “Is it because your father turned your back on you? WHYYYY do you LOVE everyone but your kids? It’s backwards, it’s ugly, it’s hurtful and it’s

The dad of one said his father is missing out on the opportunity to make up for “lost times” and be around his grandchild.

“Daddy, we need you. Not your money, but your heart, your attention, your love. I hope
you change your ways and realize that you have some beautiful and talented children out here, with deep voids in their heart.” He concluded, “You’ve ghosted us for far too long.”

The 28-year-old aspiring singer also shared a photo of his father with himself and four others who appear to be his siblings. The text messages reveal different attempts he made to reach out to his father.

In March, Cole texted him things like, “Peace dad can you please check in on us sometimes” and for Thanksgiving he asked his father to give him a call.

One text thread shows him a text he sent that read “They TOOK XENON FROM US DAD !!!! we don’t know what to do.” Others reveal Infinite was “hurt” that the “C.R.E.A.M.” artist came to visit Staten Island in May 2022 and failed to check on his children or his daughter, who is allegedly “bipolar and schizophrenic.”

Ghostface has yet to respond to his son’s Instagram message, but he did respond to one of the texts shared on Instagram dated June 19.

Following Coles’ text which read, “Happy Father’s Day. Wish we had a better relationship but it’s cool I love you no matter what. Have a great day,” the rapper replied, “Salaam.. yeah | know, me too!!! Thank you .. I Love you too!!! Be safe wherever vou are!!!!”

Infinite’s comment section was flooded with supportive messages and kind words from commentators who sympathized with him.

“This bravery at its best , cuz who wants to put their dad on blast BUT enough is enough !! we love you inf,” wrote one person. Another said, “He is missing a blessing, you are so golden x.”

One final person who saw the “Destiny” artist’s post said, “Sending you love and light baby.”

Fans were disheartened, to say the least, by the allegations against the legendary artist, who has dealt with his own personal life struggles and hardship.

The “Motherless Child” rapper grew up in a small apartment with 12 family members in the Stapleton Housing projects in Staten Island. He served his first prison sentence at age 15. More of his story is portrayed in the popular Hulu series, ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga.”

But this isn’t the first time Infinite has spoken about their relationship or lack thereof. In an interview with Nylon back in 2017, Infinite talked about taking family vacations with fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA, who he said took everyone to Disney World and the Dominican Republic.

Even then he hinted at their fractured relationship, stating “My dad sends money and we talk, but there’s nothing like spending time together.”

By November 2021, not much had changed. “I try my hardest to keep this life and that life separate,” said Infinite when asked about his dad. “I feel like I’m talented enough for people to just love me for me and what I can bring to the table without being attached to him. But I never mind the questions about him because, clearly, he is a part of me.”

Ghostface Killah has three other children, including two sons, Dennis Ames and Supreme Intelligence, and a daughter whose name has never been publically revealed. Ames is also a musician and goes by the stage name Sun God.

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