‘Martin In Hospital Gown????’: Fans Are Concerned After New Photos of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on Set of ‘Bad Boys 4’ Surface Online

The anticipation for the fourth installment of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s “Bad Boys” has been building for years.

After months of speculation, the dynamic duo confirmed earlier this year that they were continuing their beloved movie franchise.

Martin Lawrence will smith
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. (Photo: @martinlawrence/Instagram.)

The two actors were recently spotted filming again in Atlanta, according to images shared online. Both men can be seen filming a scene on a building with Smith’s character, Detective Mike Lowrey, who appears to be trying to talk Lawrence’s character, Detective Marcus Miles Burnett, from jumping off the ledge.

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Lawrence is wearing a hospital gown with a pair of undershorts, and Smith is wearing a turquoise shirt with gray pants. In another photo shared by TMZ, Smith was also seen hugging Lawrence.

Not much is known about the film’s fourth installment, but Lawrence and Smith were previously spotted filming the new “Bad Boys” film in Atlanta last month. Former NBA star John Salley was also spotted on the set. Salley played small roles in the first two “Bad Boys” movies as a skilled computer hacker.

Fans were excited and concerned to see the pics of the two, including many who wondered what the scene was about due to Lawrence’s wardrobe.

“Will hugging Martin in hospital gown???? WHAT IS THAT SCENE I SWEAR I’M TOO CURIOUS,” replied one fan.

“Another hospital outfit don’t tell me he got shot in the a— again,” wrote another.

“Bad boys was on of my favorite movie growing up so if this rumor true I’m excited,” added one.

“NOW is when they should have used ‘Bad Boys For Life,” noted one fan.

It appears that Lawrence and Smith have been separately preparing for their next movie together. The “Martin” show creator previously shared footage of himself doing sit-ups, leg lifts, lifting weights, and tossing battle ropes and boxing.

Meanwhile, Smith has been sharing comical posts on his Instagram page, including a few of himself reimagined as characters from “Star Wars.”

“IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME!” he captioned a video of the duo announcing “Bad Boys 4.”

“Yo, I got an announcement,” said Smith as he drove to Lawrence’s house. “You better stop scrolling. Seriously.” Upon arriving at his co-star’s house, Lawrence opened the door and said, “It’s about that time?”

“It’s official, y’all,” added Smith. The two then joked about the title for the film’s third installment, which was titled “Bad Boys For Life,” and referred to the fourth installment.

“Bad Boys 4” is expected in theaters in 2024.

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