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‘Tamar Still Mad from Her and the Todd Situation’: Fans Weigh In After Tamar Braxton Denies Jason Lee’s Claim That She Told Him Kandi Burruss Wears ‘Fake’ Designer Clothes

Tamar Braxton has made it abundantly clear that she is not here for any unnecessary drama.

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton. (Pictured: @tamarbraxton/Instagram.)

The “Love & War” singer recently shared a cryptic message on her Instagram story that fans are connecting to blogger Jason Lee after he brought up her name in a recent interview with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton

At the 58:25 mark of their conversation on “The Jason Lee Show,” Lee asked Hampton about a robbery that transpired at her home in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The 47-year-old mentioned that a storage unit at her luxury showroom and boutique, Lé Archive, had been burglarized.

For unknown reasons, Lee followed up with a shady remark about the items inside of her unit, stating, “Marlo does not have the fake designer clothes that Tamar said Kandi’s wearing.”

Jason Lee
Jason Lee and Marlo Hampton. (Pictured: YouTube Screenshot/ “The Jason Lee Show”)

It’s unclear why the founder of Hollywood Unlocked issued his statement, but fans are aware that Kandi Burruss does not have the best relationships with Hampton or Braxton.

While her long-lasting feud with Hampton has been documented throughout the ladies’ time on “RHOA,” the former Xscape singer’s quarrel with Braxton recently reignited a few months back. 

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In March, the former “The Real” co-host named Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, as the couple that she said had threatened her months prior. The accusation created newfound drama among the women and caused shady words to be spewed over the internet. 

According to Lee, one shady act consisted of Braxton DMing him and telling him the unconfirmed tea: “Tamar said that Kandi be wearing fake designer,” he reiterated to Hampton. 

Despite their past disputes, Hampton came to her co-star’s defense, stating that she “had not witnessed” Burruss stand before her in fraudulent or fake clothing. 

After the two-minute snippet made waves on the internet, Braxton coincidentally uploaded a video of herself with her three sisters and centered her caption around the importance of healing. 

“Healing is a REAL thing for me,” she wrote, “I’m not on the phone talking about people, I’m actually praying for people and myself to do better, be better and react better.”

She continued, “I don’t always do everything right, but that’s life.And being kind to myself is forgiving myself when I have setbacks. I speak peace over every situation that has caused Trauma and hurt. God can do ANYTHING p.s. @tonibraxton just learned @tasiaword “baby mama”song and won’t stop singing it thanks @mrldavis.” 

Tamar Braxton’s video has fans speculating that she’s being shady to Jason Lee. (Pictured: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Her message was soon shared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where commenters tried to connect her post with Lee’s tacky comment. 

“Both Jason and Tamar are messy. So there’s no telling who’s lying.”

“I’m convinced all the GWORLS are jealous and come for Kandi the most bc she has the most money and is most successful. They mad AF. You can’t tell me otherwise.” 

“This tamar still mad from her and the Todd situation, let it gooo tamar let it gooooo.”

It can be inferred that the “Braxton Family Values” star caught wind of the theories that were forming, as she demanded folks stop tying her into drama, especially drama of which she is unaware.

“Don’t make my post about some MESS i don’t know NOTHING about,” Braxton wrote on her IG story. “I hate that I ever did reality tv!! I can’t seem to get unstuck with this narrative.” 

Tamar Braxton shares message after hearsay that she told Jason Lee that Kandi Burruss wears fake designer clothing. (Pictured: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

She also sent out a message on Twitter, denouncing Lee’s statement, “And let me say this.. not only did I NOT say that…. My desire is to have peace and resolve over that whole situation.  Everyone gets triggered when they are hurt.” 

All of this current chaos does not appear to be hindering Burruss from enjoying her birthday celebration in Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter turned 47 years old on May 17 and chose to ring in this blessing surrounded by friends and family.

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