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‘They Cloned Gunna Like They Did Gucci’: Gunna’s Weight Loss Draws Comparisons to Gucci Mane After a New Photo of the YSL Rapper Goes Viral

Ever since Gunna secured his freedom by taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO Act case last December, he’s maintained a low profile.

However, a new photo of the rapper not only has fans doing a double take but also has a few people wondering if it’s really him or a Gucci Mane clone. 

Gunna and Gucci Mane. (Photos: @youngstonerliferecords/Instagram; @laflare1017/Instagram)

In a recent flick that surfaced online on Monday, May 15, the Georgia native can be seen wearing a sleeveless tank top and medium-washed ripped jeans as he posed beside some of his friends in the middle of an apparent studio session. 

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Gunna’s chiseled biceps and leaner physique were put on full display, causing fans to express shock at how thin he appeared to be compared to months prior. 

“Na bro has 2 guns now i gotta respect it he looks hella good, hope those come with better music too like his comeback to music should be insane.”

“Gunna losing weight and (hopefully) an album otw later this year , 2023 is gonna be amazing and i know it.”

While most social media users complimented Gunna’s new appearance, a few suggested that he was an imposter and compared him to Gucci. In 2016, the “Wasted” rapper faced clone allegations after he was released from prison with a drastically thinner form. 

“They cloned Gunna like they did Gucci Mane.”

Gunna on his Gucci Mane arc.” 

“he got cloned.”

Unlike Gunna, who hasn’t yet addressed the clone allegations, Gucci had fun with the meme back in 2020 with a hilarious Instagram post. 

The 1017 record label founder uploaded a side-by-side photo showing a throwback image of himself beside an updated photo. “Haters Gone Say U Was Cloned,” he wrote for his caption. 

Though Gucci acknowledged the cloning jokes, it appears as if Gunna is too busy making new music to do so. In early March, the 29-year-old’s reported assistant, Brittany Reshun, shared a snippet of an unreleased song that seemingly revealed Gunna’s thoughts surrounding his relationship with his YSL label. 

In the brief song, fans can hear him sing, “Heard the rumors that I’m packing up and flying out, we ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out, man like f–k it let’s just give these n—-s dark clouds, been gone for months and I just keep on seeing these dark clouds.”

After being released from jail, fans accused Gunna of snitching on his long-time colleague, friend, and prominent Atlanta rapper, Young Thug – who is currently behind bars and is facing a series of gang-related and racketeering charges. Reports also began suggesting that Gunna was planning on leaving YSL and 300 Entertainment for Atlantic Records. 

One month after Gunna became a free man, he spoke out about the allegations in an Instagram post that showed support for YSL and Thug. 

“N—-s acting like they switching to a side,” he wrote. “But it’s only one side . #YsltheLable #FreeThug&Yak GUNNA BACC!!!!!” 

As of now, that is the only photo on his page.

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