‘You Look Entirely Different!!’: Ciara’s New Look Has Fans Doing a Double Take

Ciara is giving “looks on looks on looks,” and this time, it’s not just for changing out her hair again. The “Goodies” artist has tried her hand at doing her own makeup, and fans are singing praises — about her face and hair.

The mother of three has shared 10 new images on her Instagram account to showcase her attempt at completing a natural makeup look following a tutorial via FaceTime, with the last image showing a host of makeup products.

The photos spotlight Ciara in three different outfits as she rocks a long, jet-black hairstyle with blunt-cut bangs.

Ciara shows off her look after doing her own makeup. (Pictured: @ciara/Instagram)

“Y’all Yoli @yolondafrederick gave me a natural makeup look tutorial over FaceTime:),” she wrote. “Sometimes I get nervous with doing my makeup. How did I do?”

Considering that her upload received over 75,000 likes, it can be inferred that fans believe she annihilated her attempt at beating her own face with makeup. 

One fan said, “You did such a great job my love… I’m so proud of you.”

Another wrote, “Looks on looks on looks.”

Actress Kerry Washington even left a message under her post, writing, “This is DOPE.”

While Ciara received praise for her makeup skills, a few commenters compared her new look to a movie character, thanks to her new hair look. 

“Pocahontas vibes,” said one fan.

A third added, “Um now the world knows i love me some Ciara but I’m not feeling this hair it’s giving very much #XenaTheWarriorPrincess vibes and you look a little uncomfortable in some of these pictures.”

One more social media user posted, “You look entirely different!! You really can see your age now..Wow!”

As for her attire, Ciara’s first outfit consisted of a blue bikini-like top and a blue mini-skirt. She kept her second ensemble simple, wearing a white graphic T-shirt with a black-and-white image of a mouth sucking on a lollipop plastered on the front. 

In her third ‘fit, the 37-year-old can be seen posing in a silk black set with her top tied into a crop top. 

She kept her gold jewelry consistent throughout each flick and wore a choker with her name written out. 

Ciara is no stranger to testing out different hairdos. From long locs and goddess braids to and short blunt cuts and updos, the Grammy Award-winning artist has done it all.

Nearly every week, the singer gives fans whiplash by popping out with a different style that prompts individuals to do yet another double take. 

Last month, she showed fans her colorful coiffure, which featured an array of different colors from blue to pink to blonde. 

No matter the hair color or length, Ciara has proved time and time again that she is more than capable of rocking whatever style is thrown her way.

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