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‘Steve Harvey Actually Said I Was One of the Three Worst Players In the History of Family Feud’: Sherri Shepherd Reminisces on Her Bad Performance on a Game Show

Sherri Shepherd is looking back on her 2018 appearance on “Celebrity Family Feud” with host Steve Harvey.

The actress and talk show host infamously gave a multitude of wrong answers during the show, including one that prompted Harvey to advise the 56-year-old that she wasn’t at her therapist’s office.

Steve Harvey Sherri Shepherd
Steve Harvey and Sherri Shepherd on “Celebrity Family Feud” in 2018. (Photo: ABC News screenshot/YouTube)

When Harvey asked the “Sherri” star the question, “Name something a lady cop might do to her husband in the bedroom,” Shepherd yelled, “Cut his penis off.”

“Sherri, listen to me,” Harvey replied. “This is a game show, this isn’t therapy.”

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The new ABC series “The Game Show Show” will explore Shepherd’s game show experience as well as others, according to People magazine.

In a sneak peek ahead of the four-part series about the last 80 years of game shows, the comedian recalled her terrible appearance. She noted that every answer she gave was incorrect during the lightning round, where contestants are asked what answer people would most likely give to a random question.

“Let me tell you something about that Family Feud,” Shepherd said. “I don’t know who they [asked]. They were like, ‘We asked 100 people the question,’ and we would always get it wrong. And I said, ‘Steve, where you going? Calabasas? You ain’t asking nobody in the ‘hood. We giving you good answers.'”

“Steve Harvey said, ‘If you lose, you will be the laughingstock of all the comics,'” added the “Ride Along 2” actress. “Steve Harvey actually said I was one of the three worst players in the history of Family Feud.”

Miraculously, Shepherd’s team won the Fast Money round, even though the comedian received zeros for multiple answers. The team won $25,000 for the Summit View School.

Harvey appeared on the “Sherri” show earlier this year, where he reminisced on her appearance and showed the same clip from her episode to the audience. He joked that her response made him question why he invited Shepherd to be on the show.

“You’re the worst. What did that have to do with the question? Police don’t even have knives. You ain’t never heard about police cutting nobody.”

She went on to thank him for inviting her and her family on “Celebrity: Family Feud,” adding that she was “nervous” when she gave the response about a male’s body parts.

“Naw that ain’t it,” Harvey replied. “I know your history…that was personal.”

When Shepherd suggested a second invitation on the show, Harvey said, “Play the game at your house.”

“The Game Show Show” will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.  

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