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‘LeBron Came to Bankhead’: T.I. Reveals the Tender Side of LeBron James, Shares the Thing James Did That He Will Never Forget

T.I. says he will forever be a fan of NBA star LeBron James after the baller visited with his grandmother on her last Mother’s Day. The recording artist shared the story during an appearance on “Broken Play” with Navv Greene on May 4.

The “Bugatti” artist said that the Los Angeles Lakers point guard visited with his family outside of Atlanta and shared BBQ and good times.

T.I. LeBron James
T.I. (L) and LeBron James (R) (Photo: “The 85 South Comedy Show”/Erik Drost/Creative Commons)

“I’ma always be a LeBron James fan and I’ma tell you why ” T.I. said at the 1:19:22 mark. “The last Mother’s Day my grandmama was alive, LeBron came to my grandmama house and sat on my front porch, right on Bankhead. Ate barbecue, kicked it with me, my grandmama and all my cousins and s—t,” recalled the rapper.

T.I. added that the visit was before LeBron became a billionaire and just before the NBA Playoffs in 2009.

“Right before they went and kicked the Hawks’ a-‘ and went on to the Go—-mn Eastern Conference Finals, and then … that’s the year she died.”

The 42-year-old recording artist also said his grandmother would always ask about James.

“‘Where that tall fella at?!’ Yeah, LeBron came to Bankhead,” he added. “He wasn’t a billionaire at the time … but he left that billionaire residue. So I’ma always be a LeBron fan.”

A clip of the video was shared on Twitter, and fans reacted.

“Good stuff Bron,” noted one fan.

Another user wrote, “Real recognize real.”

“Imagine riding through the hood seeing Bron on somebody porch eatin a rib,” replied one user.

One of T.I.’s latest slated performances was a May 5 Cinco de Mayo celebration in Brooklyn along with Remy Ma, Jadakiss, French Montana and more.

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