‘The Slap Was Giving The Best Man’: Taye Diggs Fans Are In Tears After His Son Walker Slaps Him In the Head In New Video

Taye Diggs and his son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, are quite the comedic duo. The 13-year-old has only made a handful of appearances on the actor’s social media accounts, but his latest is certainly one to remember.

In a short video posted on April 30, the teen can be seen using a pick and a hair sponge on his father’s non-existent hair. That in itself was funny to fans who have not seen Taye with a single strand of hair on top of his bald head since circa 2000.

Taye Diggs and his son Walker Nathaniel Diggs. (Photos: @tayediggsinsta/Instagram)

“I’mma get you right, I’mma get you right,” said Walker in the short clip, giving his best impression of a barber. But within seconds, it seems as though he could not help but give in to a sudden intrusive thought.

“Can I slap your head?” he asked. As his father responded, “Wait, finish…” his son slapped the back of his head. Clearly taken aback by the teen’s actions, the “Brown Sugar” lead looked at Walker and burst into laughter.

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Diggs shares his 13-year-old son with decorated Broadway actress and “Frozen” singer Idina Menzel. Fans were highly amused by the interaction caught on camera, as most of Digg’s shenanigans are. Some said it was obvious the playful whack was personal. Some of the comments include:

“Mannnn he been waiting to knock sense into you!”

“That was definitely payback from something you did during his childhood.”

And others could not help but be reminded of the infamous strike Taye took during the filming of “The Best Man.” Those comments read:

“First Nia now baby boy… Slapping this man w/o warning.”

“The slap was giving The Best Man ” And Wtf is that smell?! *slap* Wheeeewww.”

As fans of the film may recall, Taye’s character Harper was bruised and battered after revealing that he had slept with the soon-to-be-wife Nia, played by Monica Calhoun, of his best friend Lance, played by Morris Chestnut.

Harper was beaten and nearly thrown from a hotel penthouse patio after Lance read about their interaction in a book he had published. After being booted from Lance’s bachelor party, Harper made his way to the home of his friend Jordan, played by Nia Long, where her raging hormones and disappointment in their failed chance at romance led her to slap him.

More than a decade after the film debuted, it was revealed that the slap was improvised into the film, but no one expected Long’s hand to make contact with Taye’s face so harshly.

“Oh gosh, I don’t think Taye Diggs wants to relive that slap thing. According to him, I slapped him really hard,” she said during a chat with ABS in 2021.

“I don’t think I did, but he didn’t move his head. It’s supposed to be a TV slap,” she continued to explain. “You move your head, you don’t actually feel the impact. That’s a battle we’ve been going through for years, so we’ll definitely have to have that conversation.” 

Last year, while promoting “The Best Man: The Final Chapters,” the two actors rehashed the incident in greater detail while speaking with “Entertainment Tonight.”

Long reiterated that she told Taye to turn his head, but the actor claimed he never heard her utter those words.

“Now I don’t remember that,” said the adored “All American” star. “But there was a lot of pressure. I [had] just come off of ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back,’ and [Long] was very scantily clad…I don’t remember [her saying] that. But what matters is that it worked and we’re still talking about it.”

“All I could do was go, ‘Woo!’ Because I thought Malcolm was going to cut and he didn’t cut. I remember thinking, ‘What is going on in this set? It’s so unprofessional.’ You know what I mean? But it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized that it was a really great moment and it made that scene,” he jokingly continued.

Diggs admitted he and Long never had beef but she did “slap the s—t out of me and I wasn’t expecting it.”

Their co-star, Terrance Howard, would later chime in, noting that he may have motivated the actress to give her all in the scene after criticizing their previous takes.

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