‘Forgot His Other Kids?’: Brian McKnight Faces More Criticism for Allegedly Disowning His Biological ‘Black Kids’ After Resurfaced Photos of Him with His ‘New Family’

Brian McKnight was a trending topic over the weekend due to resurfaced photos of him and the children he shares with his wife, Dr. Lelani Mendoza. The R&B singer was married to his college sweetheart Julie from 1990 to 2003. In 2017, he married Mendoza, who had two children of her own from previous relationships, Jack and Julia.

Brian McKnight and his wife, Leilani. (Photo: @leilani_211/Instagram)

He has been accused of not claiming his biological children, sons Brian Jr. and Niko, with Julie. He has another son, Clyde, and a daughter — both from previous relationships. McKnight is also often criticized anytime he shares a post about his stepchildren.

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On April 29, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of the 53-year-old’s Instagram post from December 2022. It features a photo of him and Julia in front of a car he and Lelani purchased for her 21st birthday. The two can be seen standing next to the luxury BMW.

“Today we celebrate you Jules on your birthday your mom,’ He wrote in the caption, “and I couldn’t be prouder of you and I couldn’t ask for a better daughter than you!!!” Happy birthday to the best daughter ever! Love u a Zillinon.”

In response to the photo, the individual said, “Brian McKnight is a nasty soul. How awful is this caption? You literally already have a daughter. A black one.”

Another said, “He disowned the black kids he claimed they are lazy and was using him. He’s one of those dads.”

“Is it weird for Brian McKnight to claim he cut off his children because they’re grown yet he bought the stepdaughter who is older than his biological daughter a BMW for her birthday? wrote another. “Then posted that his stepdaughter was the best daughter ever?”

The “Anytime” vocalist and his wife were expecting a son, Kekoa Matteo, who passed away in May 2022. He was called out again in January after he revealed that Mendoza gave birth to their first child together. The couple named him Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight.

Fans were upset about it then and they seem to be still upset about it now. One who said, “I just learned that Brian McKnight named his newborn Brian McKnight. He has an adult son named Brian McKnight Jr. This man is diabolical.”

After a few came to his defense, others drug up a screenshot of McKnight’s Instagram bio. It features the names of Lelani’s children, Kekoa, and their son Brian.

“Men keep responding and saying he just wants to have all of his sons named after him – I’d believe that if he listed his other biological sons in his IG bio. He disowned his biological daughter too.”

McKnight’s posts on Instagram have sparked a debate among fans due to years of accusations from his own children. The “Sister, Sister” star has been adamant that he provided “everything” he possibly and financially could have for all his children when he was with their mothers and after. He has also been accused of abandoning his Black biological children.

“Dang, this is so messed up. I feel so bad for the kids that’s involved,” wrote one observer.

“Same,” wrote another. “It would be one (still terrible) thing if he just disowned them, but he posts stuff like this to get under their skin and uses his step kids, wife and this new baby as pawns in his little game. He can’t actually be happy moving like this in life.”

A third said, ‘So Brian Mcknight made a whole new family? & forgot his other kids? Wtf”

McKnight shared details about being in his children’s lives in a resurfaced video from 2019. In it, he denied the allegations from his children and dismissed the criticism from fans online. He explained that he has “never missed a day of child support.” He added that he felt guilt for offering his “entitled” children “tough love.”

The “Back at One” singer has also alleged in a series of other videos that his daughter engaged in a romantic relationship with a family member, although there is no evidence to suggest a specific claim has been made public.

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