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‘Make it Right with Your Biological Kids’: Brian McKnight Under Fire After Buying Stepdaughter Expensive Car and ‘Not Claiming’ His ‘Black’ Children

Fans are accusing Brian McKnight of ignoring his biological children after he bought an expensive car for his stepdaughter. Over the past few months, fans have criticized the R&B singer, suggesting that he doesn’t claim his biological kids, Brian McKnight Jr., 33, Niko, 30, and Briana, 21. He was previously called out for only claiming the children he shares and raises with his current Filipina wife, Lelani Mendoza.

The McKnights have been married since 2017, and co-parent Lelani’s children, Julia, 23, and Jack McPhee, 20, from a previous relationship. In a 2022 Mother’s Day post on Instagram, McKnight spoke of the passing of their newborn son, Kekoa Matteo.

But fans are back to criticizing the “Back at One” singer after he bought his stepdaughter a luxury vehicle for her birthday. On Tuesday, Dec. 13, he shared Instagram photos of himself, Julia, and the 2023 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe he purchased; typical cost starts at $45,000 for the vehicle.

“Today we celebrate you Jules on your birthday your mom, and I couldn’t be prouder of you, and I couldn’t ask for a better daughter than you!!!” McKnight said about the University of California Santa Barbara graduate. “Happy birthday to the best daughter ever! Love u a zillion.”

Brian McKnight
Fans criticize Brian McKnight for buying his stepdaughter, Julia, a BMW car for her birthday. (brianmcknight23/Instagram.)

Julia, who goes by Jules_Mcphee,” replied back in the comments, writing, “You’re the best dad EVER and I love you so much.”

McKnight’s post also was shared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page after he allegedly blocked a fan in the comments for telling him to fix his family.

In a since-deleted comment, the individual wrote, “Man you know d–n well this ain’t your daughter! ‘Estranger’ or not Brianna is your daughter! Make it right with your biological kids before its too late!”

Another individual countered, writing, “People see a fraction of someone life and want to offer an unsolicited opinion…so those are the consequences of those actions…#BLOCKED.”

A third social media user said, “It ain’t none of our business but the fact that he purposely lists his step kids in his bio as if his bio kids don’t exist. That’s spiteful af.”

McKnight previously has disputed accusations that he was a deadbeat dad who abandoned his Black biological children for years. He shared details about being in his children’s lives in a resurfaced video from 2019.

“I’ve never missed a day of child support. I’ve never done anything adverse to my children whatsoever. I’ve always been there,” said the “Sister, Sister” actor. “I’ve always been there with advice, whether they took it or not. I have always been the sounding board and I’ve always been the one who had to help them achiever whatever dreams that they were wanting to reach out for.”

The former talk show host said he “gave them everything” that he didn’t have with “hopes they would appreciate it.” He also accepted guilt for “entitling” his children when they were younger and offering “tough love.”

“When I stopped doing everything for them, BJ was 25, Niko was 22,” McKnight stated at the time. “And it wasn’t like I completely cut them off. That happened much later.”

The “Anytime” singer recalled getting his sons an apartment and covering all expenses for two years. The men were required to take over their own bills afterward, which dad said did not happen. This happened around the time the musician met Lelani, who later reportedly attempted to get BJ and Niko employed at the hospital she worked. McKnight insists his wife has always been a strong “advocate” for rebuilding a “nuclear” family.

“I’m not abandoning them. We are estranged…which happens,” he said. “More often than not in this particular situation.”

McKnight said his final straw with his children came after BJ reportedly broke into the home he shared with Lelani. He said BJ put X’s on every photo of their wedding photos and placed a photo from his dad’s first wedding on Lelani’s vanity. The “Still” vocalist claims his kids also had an issue when he bought his stepson, Jack, a car as well. He also blames Brianna’s mother for their “estranged” relationship. Briana’s mother allegedly ‘blocked” him after he raised an issue about her sleeping with an underage family member. He also alleges she only had a child with him “for money.”

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