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Video of Two Women Blasting Music Out Loud Aboard a Flight As Passengers Cover Their Ears Spark Debate About Rudeness from ‘Same Demography of People’

A clip of two women blasting loud music on a TUI Airways flight goes viral and sparks a debate on social media about plane etiquette.

Two women singing and blasting their music on plane while other passengers cover their ears. (Photo: Screenshot from video posted on @Censoredmen Twitter page)

The viral clip shows the two women sitting in their seats and singing along to a song that is blasting out loud for everyone on the plane to hear.

One of the women listening to the music and singing, zoomed in with her phone that was recording the incident to show two other passengers at the opposite end of their row with their hands over their ears. One of the two women playing the music, looked at the camera and put up her middle finger to tell the passengers with their ears covered, “F*** off.”

The clip has received 15.5 million views on Twitter as well as tons of comments and quoted tweets. People’s actions on planes and in airports this year have been a seemingly hot topic.

Last week, a man went viral for being irate at a baby crying on a flight. There have also been a number of videos this year with people fighting and arguing on flights that caused planes to do emergency landings or delay the flight.

People on social media responded to the two women blasting music clip, and all pretty much agreed they were being inconsiderate to the other passengers.

“Always has the same demography of people doing stuff like this. Always. Watch this become a trend in a few weeks and once passengers begin to speak up and they get kicked out, they play the victim card and make it about race. Can’t we act as logical & decent humans ffs? Smh,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user wrote, “Was decorum lost during covid? People really don’t seem to know what’s appropriate these days. This reminds of speakers on the gym floor or holding conversations on speaker out in public. Seek help.”

Other users also took the opportunity to take a shot at Spirit Airlines who are known for having outrageous incidents with passengers that always seem to go viral.

A user wrote, “Must be Spirit Airlines.”

Another user responded to the tweet, “Naw spirit is for crashing they take souls as a sacrifice hence the name this gotta be southwest.”

Unruly passengers on flights have also sparked discussion about expanding laws that govern behavior on flights.

According to the FBI, a person that lands on the “no-fly” list “prohibits an individual who may present a threat to civil aviation or national security from boarding a commercial aircraft that traverses U.S. airspace.”

The FBI also explained that before someone is place on the list there “must be credible information demonstrating that the individual presents a threat of committing an act of terrorism with respect to an aircraft, the homeland, U.S. facilities or interests abroad, or is a threat of engaging in or conducting a violent act of terrorism and is operationally capable of doing so.”

The Washington Post reported that last year Delta Air Lines executives called for expansion of no-fly list to include people who have been convicted of federal charges related to onboard disruption. Delta also wants other airlines to share their no-fly lists.

Justice Department spokesman Joshua Stevens responded to Delta’s request in February 2022 through an email and said that it would be referred to the appropriate departments. So far, there haven’t been any new updates on Delta’s proposal.

What people are saying

18 thoughts on “Video of Two Women Blasting Music Out Loud Aboard a Flight As Passengers Cover Their Ears Spark Debate About Rudeness from ‘Same Demography of People’

  1. Dymond says:

    YUP! Just what everyone wants to listen to…some HipHop Rap song done in Patois! #HOWRUDE!

  2. Angela Smith says:

    No consideration for others. Think it’s all about them.

  3. crystal burton says:

    No consideration for other on the plane, and why didn’t they asked them to put on ear buds ..what has this world come too 😡

  4. Annice says:

    Crappy Airline.

  5. JPeeZy79 says:

    Live version of Soul Plain??

  6. Sharon Clerc says:

    Planes should also ban all alcohol on board. Drunk people are usually causing the problems. Why the need for alcohol on planes anyway?

  7. H.George says:

    This is why I will not fly. It’s too much drama!

  8. Paul Romano says:

    Behavior is reprehensible, I admit. But I LOVE the song. Can anyone tell me the name?

  9. Mick Bingham says:


  10. X says:

    Hey Paul Romano, the song is Goggle by Tanya Stephens

  11. Carl says:

    If TUI can’t or won’t deal with people like this I will never fly with TUI. No excuse for rudeness but TUI have a responsibility to their other customers while they still have some. They should take note of who these people are and either cancel their return flight home or if they are already home put them on a blacklist so that all airlines refuse their business.

  12. Alice says:

    Phones, computers and kids games should only be allowed with headphones. We had a miserable trian trip with people watching tv shows at 2 in the morning on their phone so the couple and their friends across the aisle could hear.Amtrac did not have stewarts monitoring the cars. I would take the fussy 2 year old that was in front of them any day. It was a 14 hour miserable trip. Passagers need to see signs in the terminals and the loading ramps reminding them of rules. I agree alchole should not be served on planes or trains. The other passagers are stuck with the drunks.

  13. Sharon says:

    These infantile, childish, no class people are needy for attention. Must have someone looking at them. Parents must have been absentee or abusive.

  14. El Anderson says:

    Expand the No-Fly list….Disruptive adults are the worst !!

  15. Shawn G says:

    Alcohol Is FINE On Flights, At This Point In Time Middle Aged Passengers And Younger Shouldn’t Leave The House If They Can’t Cobtrol GmThemselves. ALL The ALCOHOL Did Was Show You Who TheyvReally Are. And If That’s WhovTheycReally Are Then Tgey Need To Keep Their Azzez Home. Don’t Blame Alcohol, Blame The Azzholes. There Are Some Of Us That Enjoy Or Need A Cocktail To Calm Our Nerves Before Flying. It’s Also ALWAYS Been Part Of Travel Especially When Travel Was Designed PrimRily For Travel And Relaxing. So Yeah, No BAN On Alcohol And Keep Holding Stupid And Rude People Accountable For GmTgeir Childish Behavior. I Have Been Glying Gor 30 Years Or More, Had A Cocktail On EVERY Flight And NEVER Have Had any Problems With ANYONE.

  16. Omar Rowe says:

    It’s always the same loud ignorant black people!!! I’m Jamaican myself but there are too many ignorant black people!!! Then If say something I’m a hater if black if a white person say something they’re racist!!! Lots a black people are freakin ignorant can’t tell them nothing

  17. Iris Bradley says:

    I have seen people of all races act ignorant in planes. Which race are you all talking about.

  18. Iris Bradley says:

    To the Jamaican commenter you are BLACK.

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