‘Amanda Brought the Yams to the BBQ’: Amanda Seales Bares It All In Nude Photos

Amanda Seales has fans doing a double-take at her most revealing social media post yet.

The “Insecure” actress is widely recognized online for her sometimes hot takes on news and pop culture moments. But she seems to have broken a corner of the internet where her fans reside. The multi-hyphenate entertainer is featured in the new Body Issue of Women’s Health Magazine.

Amanda Seales poses nude for Women’s Health magazine’s The Body Issue. (Photos: @amandaseales/Instagram.)

Seales, 41, joined a laundry list of beauties who stripped down, posed nude, and opened up in reflective interviews about their bodies’ strength, and how they have learned to appreciate the skin they are in.

On April 27, she shared two images from the shoot of her posing by a tree. One photo is a side shot that shows off Seales’ toned and unclothed physique as her hair, which is styled in twists, hangs low enough to cover just a smidgen of her derrière.

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In the second photo, she posed with her bare backside facing the camera. With one hand wrapped around her waist and the other across her breast, she looked back to give a smile.

The post was flooded with comments from fans who were shocked at her appearance. “My booty out,” wrote Seales. Other said:

“Amanda brought the yams to the bbq.”

“Not you double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon!! You look great Amanda!”


Another person jokingly dubbed Seales “Yam-Manda.”

The head-turning flicks were not without criticism from those who were dissatisfied with Seales’ nudity, and one who confused her racial identity as something other than Black. Some of those comments included:

“She’s beautiful, but didn’t need to see her undressed to know that.”

“… a black woman should have been apart of this visual. Her body looks great though.”

Amanda Seales
Amanda Seales poses nude for Women’s Health magazine’s The Body Issue. Photos: Amandaseales/Instagram

The former Floetry songstress seldom allows individuals to leave disparaging or generally distasteful comments without reprimand. This time was no different.

One of the comedian’s responses read, “The way the body disturbs y’all is disturbing.”

In a second response, she wrote, “Eww what a nasty comment. I wonder about Black women like you. Melanin alone don’t make you a ‘sista,’ sis. Focus on your future.”

In the short feature, Seales related her physical strength to the fortitude she has walked through life equipped with. She also has years of gymnastics training to thank for her capabilities.

“The sport helped build my confidence and discipline—not just the act of commitment to something, but my discipline of getting up and trying again,” she told the outlet. “Now, as an artist, that’s a skill I use often because I’m putting my work and my voice out there, and sometimes they fall flat,” continued the “Small Doses” podcast host.

She added, “But I have this inner capability to get back up and try again.”

The Body Issue of “Women’s Health” magazine, which snagged model Winnie Harlow for its cover, hits stands on May 9.

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