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Amanda Seales Responds to Rumors of Being ‘Difficult’ to Work with: ‘If You Don’t Have Your S—t Together. True Indeed.’ 

Amanda Seales is clearing up the preconceived notion that she is an impossible force with whom to work. 

The outspoken and quick-witted actress has been working in the entertainment industry since the age of eight when she starred on Nickelodeon’s “My Brother and Me.” However, it wasn’t until she starred alongside Issa Rae and other cast members on HBO’s “Insecure” that she became a regular household name for millions of viewers.

Amanda Seales Responds to Rumors of Being ?Difficult? to Work with: ?If You Don?t Have Your S?t Together. True Indeed.??
Amanda Seales Photo: Amandaseales/Instagram

But somewhere down the line the Columbia University graduate moved from being appreciated for her talents to instead being viewed as a polarizing individual. Those talents include the gift of gab, hosting (radio and awards shows, as well as her ”Small Doses” podcast), singing for a short time — she replaced Natalie Stewart in the group Floetry.

“You know the whole difficult to work with thing, it came out of me just voicing that, it came out of me voicing the negatives that took place in certain work spaces I’ve been in,” said Seales in an interview with “Comedy Hype.” 

The other half of the equation according to Seales, is “people wanting to turn me into this person who just can’t get along with anyone, and it was always fascinating to me ’cause I’ve been in this game longer than anyone I’ve even ever worked with.”

One of those work spaces was the now cancelled talk show “The Real.” For six months, Seales brought her no- holds barred social commentary to the table alongside co-hosts Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai. Seales has previously said she felt muzzled and unable to show up as “a full Black woman” on a show championed for its diverse hosts.

Seales would also go on to reiterate her frustrations when the show aired its farewell episode and neglected to include her.

Still, Seales said her “intention is always coming from a good place,” when she speaks out. “I will absolutely admit yeah, I’m difficult to work with if you don’t have your s—t together. True indeed. I’m also difficult to work with if you are trying to slight me. I’m not going to make that easy for you. If you’re not going to show up the way that we’ve agreed we’re both going to show up, this is going to be difficult for you,” she further explained while owning her contributions to being labeled “difficult.”

Online, her comments were met with unforgiving reactions.

“A person that is getting tired of being their own obstacle but nevertheless gonna stick to their guns. Sometimes we have to stop and redirect our energy in life,” wrote one person.

“I trust Amanda means well but she does seem to have a chip on her shoulder that she carries on her energetic field. People can sense it and see it.”

“Intention and impact are two different things…while her intentions may be from a good place, her impact rarely hits a good place,” wrote another.

Despite the challenges she has encountered in her career, and seemingly never-ending criticism, Seales continues to be booked. “I continue to work because there are enough people who understand that I do mean well.”

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