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‘Imma Tell It All’: Marjorie’s Ex-Husband Says Steve Harvey Called Him a ‘Punk A—’, Claims He and Marjorie Spoke Three Days Before She Married the Comedian

Marjorie Harvey’s first ex-husband is spilling some tea about his past relationship with his ex who’s now married to Steve Harvey.

Jimmy L. Townsend said he’s going to “tell it all” during a promo clip of his interview with blogger Tasha K, which airs Friday night.

Jimmy L. Townsend (Photo: Instagram/@jim.l.townsend) and Steve and Marjorie Harvey (Photo: Instagram/@marjorie_harvey)

One of the big things Townsend discussed was a viral clip of Steve Harvey mentioning him in response to an audience member on his daytime talk show, “Steve Harvey.” A woman who shared with Steve that she feared the possibility of her fiance’s kids telling her she wasn’t their mother asked Steve to share his advice on blending families.

Steve shared a story of his own regarding Marjorie’s youngest son, Jason, who at 13 years old told the comedian, “You ain’t my daddy.”

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Adding his comedic flare to the response, Steve said he told Jason, “Well, where his punk a – – at? See I came in here to rescue your mama. I’m her knight in shining armor.” The TV star continued, “Imma change her life. Since she got y’all, I love y’all like I love her. So I’m gonna change your life, young man.”

Townsend, who was serving a life sentence for conspiracy to possess and distribute an illegal substance at the time, didn’t take too kindly to that comment.

He told Tasha K, “I don’t know if it’s from insecurity or what. Couldn’t have been; you’re a multimillionaire. I ain’t nobody. You ain’t got to worry about me.”

The former drug dealer also hinted that Steve did not fit Marjorie’s usual type. Besides his thick mustache, the “Family Feud” host is also known for having full lips. Townsend revealed that Marjorie used to “check” men with fuller lips who tried to approach her. According to him, she even referred to those men’s lips as “soup coolers.”

“Imma tell it all. Imma tell it all, yall,” said Townsend.

Marjorie’s second husband is Donnell Woods, the father of her daughter Lori Harvey. Townsend said Woods has even called him to thank him for looking out for his children and shared that they had a good “rapport.”

“Be mindful all this time we talking even while she was dating. I could call her anytime day or night,” said Townsend, before sharing that Marjorie would bring the kids to visit him in prison.

In the same clip, Townsend claimed that he and Marjorie spoke just three days before she said “I do” to Steve.

“I’ll show you how close we were. Three days before she got married to Steve Harvey, we talked. She told me, she said, ‘Jimmy, you know what? Steve…he’s so much like my dad.”

Townsend said Marjorie’s father is the “real deal” and for Steve to be compared to him was a compliment. “I said man, oh, you got a winner. She b.s.’d me on that.”

The clip ended with him stating that he sent a letter to Steve and Marjorie before they got married. The video ended up being reposted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where fans expressed their opinions about Townsend sharing his truth.

“How you hating from outside the club.”

“That’s a big lip man with money, there’s a difference.”

“Old men gossiping is hilarious to me.

“Pop Pop been waiting 50 years and 50 nights to share his story on the internet.”

Marjorie and Townsend were married in the ’90s and they two share two adult children, Morgan and Jason. Townsend’s illegal and criminal activities caught up to him, and he was sentenced to serve life in 1992 but only served roughly 27 years. Even Marjorie was under FBI investigation at one point, due to investigators labeling him as a drug kingpin. However, she was never arrested or charged.

In the early 2000s, Marjorie married Donnell Woods, who was also a drug dealer. Their marriage was short-lived, and Marjorie reconnected with her old friend Steve in 2005, having initially met him at a comedy club in 1990. After tying the knot in June 2007, the pair blended their respective families, which include a total of seven children.

Aside from Lori and Jason, Marjorie has a daughter named Morgan. Steve also has children from his previous marriages. He has twin daughters, Brandi and Karli, and a son, Broderick, with his first wife, Marcia Harvey. He also shares his fourth and final biological child, Wynton Harvey, with his second wife, Mary Shackleford.

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17 thoughts on “‘Imma Tell It All’: Marjorie’s Ex-Husband Says Steve Harvey Called Him a ‘Punk A—’, Claims He and Marjorie Spoke Three Days Before She Married the Comedian

  1. Army clay says:

    I think that Mr Steve Harvey have a very nice looking wife and a nice looking family am also from Cleveland and went to Glennvill high school I though I’d just mention that😎😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Beverly Haskins says:

    This man needs to go on about his business.
    Don’t come trying to start no mess.
    You are out of prison, find you somebody and live your life
    Leaves Steve and Marjorie alone

  3. DeBorah says:

    Jim Townsend has a right to tell his story. He owes Nothing to Anyone. Speak up Brother.

  4. Andrea Smith says:

    You need to be thanking a brother from stepping up and being the father you couldn’t have been. Since you out of prison. Be a father or grandfather. Why do u eanbs put them on blast? I you were my kids father I would have spoke to you personally before my wedding. You needed to know. My new husband was going to be in our children’s life.

  5. Dwayne Banks says:

    Steve Harvey is a joke all to himself. He didn’t treat his first two wives right then he pretends that Marjorie, is the next best thing since white bread and toast!!! I’ve always said, if her man was in the “Drug Game”, then she was too! I didn’t know both of her husband’s were in the “Drug Business”! I’ve always told people Marjorie Harvey, is about that “Bread”, no pun intended, but I believe she’s Motivated by money! What’s new, A lot of people are!!! I believe she’s just the best women, Steve Harvey, has had in his bed! Tell Steve, to write a book about that!!! Since he’s Mr.Advice!!!

  6. Memphis says:

    Marjorie married cousins. Her children are all cousins. It’s obvious she is about the money. She helped Steve manage his money to get out of debt with IRS. Now she spends it like crazy. Memphis folks know the real deal. He needs to tell how she help launder the money. Literally. Utley tried to block the book. She probably would not give him any of Steve’s money.

  7. connie j staton says:

    Black people leave them alone everybody got closet BONES so shut ur pie hole

  8. Louietta says:

    I believe what goes around comes around! We all got to pay our dues. Just wait it out but good luck to Steve & Marjorie . What was in you before , it’s still there

  9. I. Bell says:

    A person can marry for any reason. Some opt for men with money. Others prefer men who are broke. We make our own choices.

  10. Buronical Greer says:

    Who cares…. Fah real?

  11. ARFulton says:

    I love Steve Harvey ♥️ Mr. Townsend sounds a little bitter 🤑🤑

  12. Maureen Drane says:

    P3ople make mistakes.I think it is ignorant and rude to b3 putting past business out there.Like rubbing salt in old wounds.Its more Mr.Townsend is jealous of what his ex now has and he can’t let go.whats to be will be.If Steve and Marjorie are happy Let them be.He stepped up when Marjorie’s two exes did not Please leave them Alone.Yes I like Steve Harvey.

  13. Lois Sneed says:

    I have never liked Steve personally. He is too bull headed and is a womanizer. He now claims to be ‘born again’ Christian.

  14. Nicki says:

    I don’t know why people always love to throw stones at people after they accomplish so much in life. We already know what type of woman Marjorie is and Steven know if he didn’t have money, she would have never been by his side. She has since moved on now it’s time for him to move on and travel and meet another women. There’s so much successful, talented, CEO type woman out here that wouldn’t mind being with a handsome silver fox like him. Hell, Steven might have called him over for a drink and cigar time with the fellas and Introduce him to some, but instead he wants to be messy.

  15. Esther says:

    I don’t care for Steve Harvey,since he blew off his second wife Mary. I remember clearly i96 when he stood on the stage, held up a wallet and stated, when he got with her he gad $3 and slept in his car, and she helped him. After all that he dumped her for Marjorie. He wanted arm Candy.

  16. Bgre says:

    Anybody would feel bitter if they took the fall, so wifey can be with the children. Margie was his ride and die wife and street men thinks women should stay loyal.

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