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‘Okay Stella’: Gabrielle Union Gives Fans a First Look at New Film with Keith Powers as Her Love Interest, Fans Bring Up Their 20-Year Age Gap

Gabrielle Union is bringing her charming talents to Netflix with her new film “The Perfect Find,” starring Keith Powers as her much younger love interest.

The new romantic comedy is based on Tia Williams’s 2016 novel of the same name and follows characters Jenna and Eric, two co-workers who slowly fall in love.

Gabrielle Union shows first look at her upcoming movie with Keith Powers. @gabunion/Instagram

Directed by Numa Perrier, it follows the 40-year-old perfectionist whose life comes crumbling down after a bad breakup and losing her job.

Now, one year after back-to-back catastrophes, Jenna is looking for a fresh start as she moves to Brooklyn, New York, to work for the fashion brand Darzine, which happens to be owned by her frenemy Darcy Hill, played by actress Gina Torres.

The kicker is that Jenna’s charming Gen-Z colleague is the son of her boss.

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Both Union and Powers uploaded a few first-look photos onto their respective Instagram pages; the 50-year-old star’s upload received over 327,000 likes and over 2,700 comments. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actor’s post has received over 1,420 comments, and only he can see his likes.

A few fans under Union’s post pointed out the obvious 20-year age difference between the two, and one fan even compared the upcoming film to Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs’s 1998 rom-com “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.”

“Wait KEITH POWERS?! Okay, Stella”

“This boy looks so young… whats the story line? An older woman who falls in love with a young adult or is she playing a 20 yo… cuz she def can still do that… I mean she aint age a bit.”

“this about a cougar?”

“Man I almost sent that s–t to D-Wade. Thought she was cheating forgot she was an actress pretending to cheat” 

Union has been a main character in several rom-com movies including, “Think Like A Man,” “The Perfect Holiday,” “Deliver Us From Eva,” “Breakin’ All the Rules,” and many more.

During a phone conversation with Vanity Fair, she revealed that producing a rom-com titled “The Idea of You,” which stars Anne Hathaway, Michael Showalter, and Cathy Schulman, inspired her to make an epic return back to romantic comedy.

“It made me be on the lookout for a story that made me feel the same way, basically,” she told the outlet before sharing that it was recommended to her by film producer Tommy Oliver.

“I’d already read it. I love that book,” she admitted. “I love Tia. She’s the s–t. We have mutual friends. I’m like ‘Oh, my God, why didn’t I think of that?’” 

Per Vanity Fair, Union was set on Powers playing her love interest from the start.

“The only person that was on every single person’s list in top one or two position was Keith,” she confessed. “Everyone was like, OK, that might be a slightly younger person that people might throw it all away for.”

The “Being Mary Jane” star noted that her respect for her husband, Dwyane Wade, and Powers’ on-again-off-again girlfriend actress, Ryan Destiny, made working together “super easy.”

“It was just kind of a natural progression of a friendship that already existed,” she said, “but it comes out of respect.”

In addition to Union, Powers, and Torres, “BMF” star La La Anthony and Aisha Hinds from “Beyond the Lights” are also a part of the cast. Viewers can also expect to see “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum Janet Hubert make an appearance as Union’s on-screen mother. 

“The Perfect Find” arrives on Netflix as early as June 23!

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