Black & Streaming: From Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’ to ‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’, 13 Shows and Movies to Watch This Weekend

Whether you’re looking for a drama set in the 1980s, a comedy based on a party or a film about helping others, or something else, there are loads of new movies and television releases for everyone to enjoy this weekend.  

If you’re looking for a show about a true crime podcaster who risks everything, including her life, to pursue truth and justice, catch “Truth Be Told.” But if you’re looking to laugh, check out “Tyler Perry’s Sistas,” or “Houseparty.” And if you’re in the mood for action and thriller movies, direct your remote to “Game of Deceit,” Snowfall” or “Luther: The Fallen Sun.”

Octavia Spencer and Gabrielle Union (left), Idris Elba as Luther (middle), Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris and Cam’Ron on the set of “Paid In Full.” (Photos: @appletv/Instagram), @idriselba/Instagram, 4theculture44/Instagram).

Check out list of new movies and TV shows hitting streaming services this weekend.  

Apple TV

  • Truth Be Told This crime drama series revolves around Octavia Spencer’s character Poppy Scoville, a journalist turned true-crime podcaster investigating local murder mysteries in Oakland, California. In the third season,  she is led to fight against trafficking and related crimes by helping girls around the world. Episode 8 is where Poppy has to make a decision that affects her investigation. Other stars joining the series this season include Gabrielle Union as Eva, Mekhi Phifer as  Markus Killebrew, and Tami Roman as Lillian Scoville. The series airs every Friday.

Amazon Prime 

  • Paid In Full (2002) Set in the 1980s, the coming-of-age story follows Harlem native Ace, played by “BMF” star Wood Harris, who makes ends meet at a local dry cleaner. Easy money is all good until he gets a taste of the dangerous drug world, where he unexpectedly gets betrayed by one of his closest friends. The film also stars Mekhi Phifer, and Cam’Ron, who play two well-known drug dealers who flaunt their expensive lifestyle, compared to Ace’s humble-bragging rights. 
  • ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. (2017) Denzel Washington portrays an attorney in the twisted 2017 crime drama from writer-director Dan Gilroy. When his boss, a civil rights icon, suddenly dies, he was left unemployed and recruited to join another firm led by his mentor’s former student. The role landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. The film also stars comedic actor Colin Farrell. 
  • The Help (with Bonus Content) (2011) Another rendition of the inspirational 2011 film has been added to the streaming platform with an additional hour of footage. Three women in the 1960s build an unlikely friendship in the timeless story around writing a book that exposes the perspectives of Black maids during the 1960s civil rights era. There’s suspense, poignancy, and humor within a story of triumph because the underdogs always come out on top. The movie also stars Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, and more.


  • Tyler Perry’s Sistas (Season 5) Before updates about season 6, catch up on the last five seasons of the “Sistas,” which follows four girlfriends — Andi, Karen, Danni, Sabrina, and Fatima — as they navigate the ups and downs of their love lives, careers, and friendship in Atlanta. The comedy-drama has sex, fighting, baby mama drama, and plenty of hilarious and gut-punching scenes to make you wish you were on set when they filmed. The series airs Wednesday nights on BET at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Game of Deceit (2023) This original drama from BET+ stars “House of Payne” actress Denisse Boutte, Melissa L. Williams, and Christina Sturgeon. The film’s description states: When her police officer husband starts abusing her, Maya realizes she must gather ironclad evidence to take him down.” Will she see it through or be defeated in the end?


  • Houseparty (2023)The reboot of the three-decade hit movie replaces Kid n’ Play with Jacob Lattimore and Tosin Cole.  Fired from their jobs as his cleaners, two aspiring club promoters throw a wild party at LeBron James’ mansion. Set in Los Angeles, it also stars Karen Obilom from BET’s “Games People Play,” comedian DC Yung Fly from Wild ’n Out, singer Rotimi, Kid Cudi, and cameos from the hip-hop duo Kid n’ Play, Lena Waithe, Tinashe, Lil Wayne and Juvenile, Snoop and more. 


  • Snowfall (Season 6) Episode 3 of season 6 ended with Franklin Saint demanding Leon pick a side. In the episode “Projects Boy,” he has a physical altercation with Deon, whom he left in charge of the projects. Fed up with the way he runs the projects and how he mocks his new wife, Wanda, Leon challenges Deon to a huge fight in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Saint is still on the hunt for the millions of dollars he believes were stolen by his former plug. To turn a quicker profit, he had to get his hands dirty in the kitchen, where he quickly makes another enemy that’s closely connected to his other enemies at the moment, Jerome and Louie. But who will win the war at the end of it all?
  • UnPrisoned (Season 1) Delroy Lindo and Kerry Washington star in the first scripted comedy series from Disney’s Onyx Collective. Inspired by the life of author Tracy McMillan, the eight-episode show follows a father and daughter working to rebuild their relationship while living with her teenage son following his 17-year stint in prison. The touching comedy will also highlight other issues caused by the industrial prison complex. Their dysfunctional family struggles to set new boundaries with each other as housemates while overcoming old grudges. 


  • Luther: The Fallen Sun Actor Idris Elba continues to embody his notable character Luther, who portrays himself as a charming but gloomy British detective in a new film. He last reprised the rold back in 2019 when then TV series ended with Luther behind bars while a serial killer runs loose in the streets of London. The now disgraced detective must find a way to break out of prison to confront this menace terrorizing the city.


  • SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B Fans are in for a treat for episode 2 of the highly-anticipated series focused on the two legendary 90’s singing groups. Tensions are high, and the drama is real between Xscape singers LaTocha and Tame Scott. Last week, viewers watched as both sisters went back and forth over a recent disagreement with their mother, who attempted to act as a mediator. Tamika even accused LaTocha and her husband Rocky of stealing $30K in royalties. Find out what happens when the next episode airs this Sunday, March 12, at 8 pm EST. 
  • Bel-Air (Season 2) This week, Will and Carlton have their own separate battles. Will is working out selfish ways on the court and in school with friends and dealing with his love life, while Carlton is busy leading a protest after their teacher Mrs. Hughes (played by Tatayan Ali)was fired. Carlton seems resistant due to warnings for school officials, yet Will is ready to jump all in. Meanwhile, Hilary is closing with Ivy over taking over the influencer house to push her own personal brand.


  • BMF (Season 2) City Girls rapper Yung Miami made her debut in this week’s episode of ‘BMF,” the Detroit-inspired series based on brothers Meech and Terry of the Black Mafia Family. In the show executive produced by 50 Cent, Miami has an explosive response to finding out her husband was shot and killed. She slaps Meech out of pain and anger and tells him to find whoever was responsible for his death. B-Mickie has also found himself in a dilemma that had fans questioning just how he’ll get out of it. 
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