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‘That’s Right Stella J. Blige!’: Fans Compare Mary J. Blige to Stella from ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ After New Music Video Shows ‘BMF’ Star Da’Vinchi as Her Love Interest

Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige had fans comparing her to actress Angela Bassett in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” after she dropped a music video to her song “Come See About Be” that features “BMF” star Da’Vinchi as her love interest.

Mary uploaded a preview of the music video onto Instagram and fans loved every second of it. The preview included a scene of the two dancing relatively close with each other on the beach and a scene where the 26-year-old actor massaged the 51-year-old singer/songwriter while they were in the ocean.

That's Right Stella J. Blige!': Fans Compare Mary J. Blige to Stella from 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' After New Music Video Shows 'BMF' Star Da'Vinchi as Her Love Interest
Photo: Mary J. Blige and Da’Vinchi SOURCE: @davinchi/Instagram

Due to Mary J. Blige and Da’Vinchi’s 25-year age gap, many fans in the comments section referred to her as Stella from the 1998 film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.”

“It’s giving Stella got her groove back [heart eyes].” 

“Okay, Aunty went the Stella route I’m here for it!”

“Mary got her groove back!” 

“That’s right Stella J. Blige!”

Fans equated Mary’s music video to the motion picture because the movie followed Angela Bassett’s character, Stella, as she went on a vacation to Jamaica and started a romantic relationship with a Jamaican man named Winston, portrayed by Taye Diggs. The two fell in love although they were 20 years apart.

Although fans called Mary “Stella,” a large age gap may not entirely be a ludicrous idea to Da’Vinchi. The young star was linked to actress and TV personality La La Anthony; there’s a 14-year age gap between the two. Earlier in May, they were spotted “holding hands as they hung out at an undisclosed location.” 

One fan even mentioned La La in Mary J. Blige’s comments section, “I thought this was Lala’s boo?” 

Some fans jokingly expressed their jealously toward Mary for featuring Da’Vinchi in her music video.

“So he just gonna cheat on me like this? Okay cool.” 

“Hold on now auntie we gonna have to talk.”

“That’s my mannnn Da’Vinchi!!” 

Mary J. Blige definitely had people tune into her music video after she dropped the sneak peak. The video received over 30,000 views on YouTube and that viewership number is still going up. 

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