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‘Looks a Little Better’: Trick Daddy Replaces His 30-Year-Old Gold Grill After Not Going to the Dentist for 15 Years.

After three decades, Trick Daddy finally has decided to trade in his golden chompers for a fresh pair of pearly whites. 

The Miami rap legend, who has been rocking his gold grills since 1994, felt it was time for a change after receiving alarming news about his oral health. 

Trick Daddy reportedly drops $60,000 for a new set of teeth after 30 years of wearing gold grills. (Pictured: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

According to TMZ, which spoke with Danielle Noguera, the CEO of 5 Star Smiles, Trick hasn’t seen a dentist in 15 years. 

Noguera explained that due to Trick Daddy’s lack of oral inspection, the “I’m a Thug” rapper’s permanent caps were so decayed he had to undergo bone loss surgery, and currently has temporary fillings in his mouth while his gums heal. 

In 2009, Trick revealed that he lives with lupus. According to, this autoimmune disease not only causes inflammation and pain in any part of a person’s body, but can also cause tooth decay. 

To complete his transformation, Trick is set to have his bottom teeth removed, and in two months his final round will be completed as he’s set to receive porcelain veneers.

The 48-year-old reportedly has spent $60,000 on treatment thus far, and according to the outlet, Trick’s entire procedure will be documented on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.” His final results reportedly will be in the first episode of the show’s upcoming season later this year.

The Neighborhood Talk is just one of many outlets that shared news about Trick’s new teeth. While some fans congratulated the rapper in the comments section for The Neighborhood Talk, a few noted how bizarre it was for the artist to not have made a trip to the dentist for nearly two decades.

“15 years is crazy. I be feeling weird missing my 6 month cleaning Smfh”

“He DEFINITELY wasn’t brushing that GOLD GRILL”

“These celebs really do not be going to take care of their health and it’s wild to me. Like 15 yrs?!? I can’t imagine”

“And just like that he looks a little better”

Though it took Trick Daddy some time, it appears as if the reality star is finally prioritizing his oral health.

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