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‘I Didn’t Feel Like I Had to Apologize’: Trick Daddy Clarifies His Beyoncé “Can’t Sing” Remarks, Adds Commentary About Kevin Hart

Trick Daddy had the Beyhive ready to fight over his controversial comments about Beyoncé‘s singing talent last year. During a Clubhouse chat room in June 2021, Trick said, “Beyoncé don’t write music and barely can sing her motherf—-in’ self, Beyoncé can’t sing! Man, I watched my godmama train Beyoncé, vocal lessons all her career.” 

The Miami native revisited the viral moment during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club” last week. He explained that the “Alive” singer isn’t on the same level as Adele, Jennifer Hudson, and other legendary vocalists.

Tricky Daddy clarified what he meant by saying, “Beyoncé can’t sing” last year. (Photo: @trickdaddy/Instagram @beyonce/ Instagram)

He said, “Out of the ten female R&B singers that came out in the last five years, five of them sound alike. … The HER’s, SZA, Jhene Aiko, I can close my eyes and not know who they are. That don’t mean that I don’t like them, that don’t mean I don’t like their talent, but if I had to a pull a top 10 [or] a top five, I wouldn’t mention them.”

Touching on the Clubhouse audio, he added, “They took that one piece, and they wanted to go viral, and it worked. And they wanted me to apologize, and I didn’t feel like I had to apologize.”

The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star then switched to give his opinion about comedian Kevin Hart. “I don’t think he’s funny,” added Trick. “Because I grew up on Red Foxx, Robin Harris, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Pryor.”

He said, “This is [the] unpopular opinion movement right now. I don’t think Katt Williams is funny.” He then recalled feeling pressured to apologize by the Bee-Hive, his family, friends, and other business associates. “For the record, I love and respect Beyonce and everything she ever done,” he added.

Trick’s comments caused quite the uproar on social media in June 2021. Instead of apologizing for his remarks, the “Nan” rapper explained how he measures Beyoncé’s talent to others.

“To me, a singer is a Stephanie Mills, a singer is a Whitney Houston, a Mariah Carey, an Alicia Keys, an Adele,” he told correspondent Marc Lamont Hill on BNC News. “To me a singer is somebody that can go to church and give you the world. I’m from the South, so singing and sanging is different things.”

He continued, “Have I ever seen anybody perform better than her? No. But I don’t think she’s a singer…She’s a singer, but I don’t think she can sang. That’s my unpopular opinion.”

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