‘Come Drag This Coon’: Trina and Masika Kalysha Engage In a Twitter War After Rapper Calls George Floyd Protesters ‘Animals’

Twitter is having a field day watching Masika Kalysha obliterate hip-hop star Trina for her recent provocative remarks about protesters in Miami.

Wednesday, June 3, the “Diamond Princess,” who co-hosts radio show “T and T Morning Show” with her music counterpart Trick Daddy, discussed Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez extending a citywide curfew due to protests over George Floyd‘s death.

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha (left) and Trina (right). (Photos: @masikakalysha/Instagram, @trinarockstarr/Instagram)

Trina, 45, said she was annoyed with protesters vandalizing and looting Miami.

“Keep everybody off the streets, these animals off the streets that are running around Miami-Dade County acting like they have escaped from a zoo,” the “Here We Go” rapper said. “Lock them up at 5 p.m., so the streets can be nice and clean. That’s how I feel.”

Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy and Trina. (Photo: Smooth Sailing video screenshot)

Trick Daddy, 45, tried to explain to Trina that many of the people protesting were personally affected by police brutality and racism. The rap star diva fired back, “We can’t bring back nobody’s lives, whether it’s at the hands of the police or another civilian.”

To add insult to injury, Trina also disputed with Trick Daddy about how many Black Americans fear the police pulling them over during a routine traffic stop. “When the police get behind you and them red and blue light come on,” the “I’m a Thug” rapper said, “You’re not supposed to be scared.”

Trina interrupted Trick and noted, “I’m never scared. I have my license and registration and insurance. I know my rights.”

Needless to say, the Miami native’s comments didn’t sit well with people, including former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Kalysha.

Kalysha took to Twitter to call out Trina on her interview, calling on the star’s archenemy rapper Khia, to drag her back to “the swamp.”

Masika Kalysha

“Khai… beloved… please come drag this coon Trina back to the swamp b4 I get ha…,” Kalysha wrote.

Trina responded to the mother of one’s first tweet, saying, “Yea b–ch this ain’t tv. So Keep my name out your dirty a– mouth”


The two women continued to duke it out on Twitter. Trina urged Kalysha to “pull up” on her, adding, “@masikakalysha hoe this ain’t no reality tv. U want clout u f-ckN weird a– b-tch. Now what’s good hoe. #pullup”

Trina and Masika Kalysha spar on Twitter. @masikakalysha/Instagram

The reality star replied, “PULL UP 😳🤭 ok I’s a comin! Let me book this flight so I can fight yo dumb a–…WAIT TRINA YOU’RE ACTING LIKE AN ANIMAL!! 😳😳😂😂 don’t you dare quote Rihanna, an actual activist who PULLS UP!! Girl the word clout wasn’t even invented when u were relevant take yo afternoon nap”

Social media users have mixed reactions to Trina and Kalysha’s ongoing feud.

“Well Masika has said a lot of terrible things about black women so she has no room to talk. Both of them need to go sit in a corner.”

“Trina needs to have several seats tho she don’t even support her own kind”

“Who the hell is Masika coming at the diamond princess like that 👀”

“Trina got time to argue on Twitter but doesn’t have the time to understand the plight of her own people”

Listen to Trina and Trick Daddy’s conversation here:

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