‘It’s Deeper Than People Realize!’: Mo’Nique Sues CBS and Paramount, Says She’s Owed ‘Millions’ In Unpaid Royalties from ‘The Parkers’

After settling her years’-long fight against Netflix, Mo’Nique has sued another major media platform, this time over unpaid royalties from the hit television series on which she starred: “The Parkers.”

The comedian, whose legal name is Monique Angela Hicks, is suing Paramount and CBS, according to multiple reports, claiming she’s owed millions from the show’s continued success. Mo’Nique filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, April 12, for breach of contract, saying that Paramount and CBS, according to the Associated Press, “artificially depressed” profits of the show and retained millions of dollars “that would otherwise be contractually due” to Mo’Nique’s production company, Hicks Media.

Mo’Nique (Photo: @therealmoworldwide/Instagram.)

“I just want the contractual compensation I’ve earned,” said the Academy Award winner in a statement shared by AP.

The lawsuit states that CBS and Paramount “have refused to compensate her fully and properly for the monies wrongfully withheld from it, thereby necessitating this action to vindicate her contractual rights.”

Mo’Nique alleges both companies retained “millions that would otherwise be contractually due” to Hicks Media Inc., which is a production company owned by the actress and her husband, Sidney Hicks. The lawsuit filed by Hicks Media, also names Big Ticket Productions, the show’s production banner, as a defendant. In addition, the suit reveals that the show’s creator and writing staff were underpaid, which Mo’Nique says she discovered when she filed her suit.

“Today we filed a lawsuit to make sure that we are fairly paid money that we are owed for “The Parkers,” Mo’Nique wrote on Instagram after the filing.

“Actors rely on the good faith of Hollywood companies to honor their profit participation agreements,.” she continued. “The Parkers was a huge success and continues to be a source of revenue through syndication and streaming channels.”

She added, “To further make my point, the Executive Producers of ‘The Parkers’ took legal action for the same concerns that I have, and they’ve already settled. Unfortunately, all too often, talent gets kept in the dark. We’re looking forward to shedding some light on the subject! I LOVE US 4REAL!!”

‘The Parkers” was a spinoff of “Moesha” starring Countess Vaughn as Kim Parker and Mo’Nique as her mother, Nikki Parker. Between 1999 to 2004, it ran for five seasons, moving from UPN to The CW network. Reruns aired on several television networks, but the show has been available for streaming on Netflix since October 2020.

Mo’Nique has asked for the court to establish a “constructive trust” to hold the funds she believes she’s owed. Meanwhile, fans agree she should be compensated for “The Parkers,” which has kept many entertained for over two decades.

“I watch the Parkers ALL THE TIME on Netflix and they definitely need to be compensating the cast for streaming. Get yo money Mo!!! You deserve it.”

“Period. Bcuz I watch the Parker’s literally EVERYDAY and I don’t do it bcuz of the producers. It’s the TALENT that makes each and every moment.”

“My Aunty is Coming for ALL she’s owed and I LOVE IT We all deserve our fair share for what we contributed!”

Nearly a year ago,  Netflix reached a settlement with Mo’Nique, who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the streaming service in 2019. The NAACP Image Award winner called folks to boycott Netflix in an Instagram video; she accused the company of “gender bias” and “color bias.” She claimed she received a “lowball” offer of $500,000 for a comedy special compared to some of her peers.

Mo’Nique mentioned comedians Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer, who reportedly were paid larger amounts.

It’s unclear exactly how much she was compensated, but months later the “Precious” star announced her special.

“Mo’Nique: My Name Is Mo’Nique” is available now on Netflix. 

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