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‘Sounds Like a Check or Special’: Mo’Nique and Netflix Settle Gender and Race Discrimination Lawsuit

Netflix has reached a settlement agreement with Mo’Nique, who filed a discrimination lawsuit she filed against the streaming service in 2019. The veteran comedian sued for gender and racial bias, alleging she received a “lowball” offer for a special compared to other comedians who are either white or male. Many recall Netflix walking away from the Oscar-winning actress for protesting their offer of $500,000 in 2017.

The suit also names Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and other comedians who received large payouts in the suit. As previously reported, Schumer received $13 million for hers, while Chappelle and Rock earned $20 million for theirs. Mo’Nique also accused the platform of underpaying Black women.

Sounds Like a Check or Special': Mo'Nique and Netflix Settle Gender and Race Discrimination Lawsuit
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 29: Actress Mo’Nique arrives for the New York screening of “Bessie” held at The Museum of Modern Art on April 29, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic)

The Hollywood Reporter obtained court documents filed in Los Angeles U.S. District Court that state the case has been dismissed.

Mo’Nique made a lot of noise in the industry after asking fans to boycott out Netflix in 2018. Shortly after, fellow comedienne Wanda Sykes revealed she took her comedy special to another platform, Epix, after Netflix offered her “less than half” of $500,000. A year later, Netflix released the standup special titled, “Wanda Sykes: Not Normal.”

In 2020, Mo’Nique landed her first victory against Netflix after a judge denied their motion to dismiss her case. Afterward, a number of highly influential people in the television industry have voiced their support for her, including TV and music mogul, 50 Cent, who offered her a role on his Starz series “BMF.”

As news about Mo’Nique’s settlement circulated online, fans reacted in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post. A few contended that the dismissal of the lawsuit likely means she accepted a large payout or an upcoming special. Here’s what a few had to say:

“Are y’all blind or unable to comprehend an article? They settled with her so that the lawsuit would be dismissed, which means Sis got a check.”

“They paid her to get ha off they back. She was getting too many big names to step out in support…i.e. Wanda Sykes, 50 Cent, etc.”

“She got paid under the table.”

“‘Sounds like a check or special.”

“Cheaper to break her off a few mil than have the details of all your business deals dragged through the court system.”

Many came to Mo’Nique’s defense and applauded the 54-year-old for speaking up despite people who often called her “problematic.”

One person wrote, “They were trying to lowball her… let’s be honest people!!! I’m speaking for the ones who always calling her problematic. When all she’s doing is standing up for herself because the industry has blackballed and bullied her for a decade now!”

A second person said, “It’s the way this lady has not lied yet!!!! Everybody that plays with her loses in the end and admits they were wrong!”

One commentator brought up Nene Leakesdiscrimination case against Bravo and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” They said, “Bravo gone do the same with Nene watch.”

A fourth individual wrote, “Per usual, reading comprehension always fails most of the people in the comments. Good for Monique! Aside from the DL mess, this has been a year of redemption for her!”

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