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Fans are Seeing Double After Kelly Rowland Shares New Photo With Her Sons Titan and Noah

Kelly Rowland is beaming with glee in her latest photo with her two sons, Titan and Noah.

The monochrome image shows Noah, 2, sandwiched between his mother and Titan, 8. The love of her boys has her feeling especially blessed. She captioned the post, “God has, smiled on me…[prayer hands].”

Kelly Rowland and her sons Noah and Titan. (Photo: Kellyrowland/Instagram.)

Across social media, fans were taken aback by the striking resemblance Rowland’s boys share. They also commented on who else they thought her firstborn looked most like. They wrote:

“Omg, you hit copy-paste twice.”

“Dang Kelly why your son favors Jay z like that.”

“How titan look like his daddy like that. I see you but I SEE him.”

Rowland and her husband of nine years, Tim Weatherspoon, welcomed their first child together in November 2014. The lovebirds revealed they were expecting a new addition to the family during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Noah was born in January 2021.

The Destiny’s Child singer admitted to Women’s Health magazine that she had some trepidation about revealing her pregnancy to fans who wished she had new music on the way.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed. They wanted an album first, but they got a baby,’” she told the outlet.

In the end, it all clearly worked out, seeing as though her fans and supporters have remained by her side while patiently awaiting news of her fourth studio album.

Of course, a photo of the “Motivation” singer would not be complete if people did not take advantage of their opportunity to swoon over her beauty. Even in a grayscale image, the Grammy Award winner’s flawless looks can be easily observed.

“D–nSexyBeautifullMamaQueen” wrote one person. Another comment read, “Nice picture beautiful queen.”

But several others could not help but take notice of how much Rowland, with her signature curls, resembled another superstar vocalist: “Looking like Donna Summers,” read one comment left by fans.

In recent years, social media users have campaigned for the “Fantasy Football” actress to portray the disco queen in a biopic. Those pleas have not just floated into the ether. In past interviews Rowland has said that she would love to take on the role if given the opportunity.

What people are saying

13 thoughts on “Fans are Seeing Double After Kelly Rowland Shares New Photo With Her Sons Titan and Noah

  1. Peter Ijeh says:

    Jay Z is not the only African man that has his looks and the ” Black Owned ” show – Paternity show , teaches us anything, it is that looks , skin shade , etc , may not determine a child’s Paternity.
    Let’s stay away from trying to create problems in the Jay Z and Beyonce household . And by-the-way, so what if he is their father, who is complaining , the women who don’t know their Baby Daddies? Dang 🤔

  2. Rose Clark says:

    I’m sure the boys father isn’t Jay Z’s. Plenty of men with those features exist.

  3. Dr. Patricia Zamor says:

    Folks are always trying to stir up trouble about other people’s business when their issues are far more problematic than the person they are trolling. Enough of this already. When these baseless rumors are spread the hm damage done to the child and the mother is horrific. So unfair.

  4. Corey says:


  5. Nice Nicolls says:

    Let me see how that child walks and talks.

  6. S. Lambert says:

    People need to stop trying to make trouble for Jay-Z & Queen B just stop already. Mind you own business you have to much time on your hands, T R O U B L E must be your middle name stay out of other people business

  7. Jeremiah B says:

    Her boys look just like her husband..their dad!!

  8. RedVelvet says:

    Why y’all trying to curse that boy? He don’t look like JayZ He does have his mama face and daddy’s eyes and nose

  9. Dee says:

    It don’t matter who they LOOK LIKE AS LONG AS THEY ARE TAKEN CARE OF PROPERLY!!! NOSEY ASS PEOPLE GOTTA HAVE THEY NOSE IN OTHER PEOPLE BUSINESS!! Sweep around your own door before you start sweeping around somebody else’s door!!! Remember karma is a BITCH believe that…

  10. Yisrael says:

    Her son looks like her husband…HIS father..People STOP being messy…That baby is a mix of his mother and father…

  11. Lee says:

    smacks of “they all look alike”

  12. Gerri Britton says:

    Total idiots.wth?

  13. Chuckena Bessant says:

    I don’t see it…Media always trying to start some ish

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