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‘Several Months Later She Will Announce the Real Pregnancy’: Reginae Carter’s 24-Hour Pregnancy Prank Has Fans Wishing It Weren’t a Joke; Mom Toya Isn’t Amused

Reginae Carter’s new YouTube video showing her pretending to be pregnant for 24 hours has fans waiting for her to drop a real announcement. 

In the 24-year-old’s video, she, along with her boyfriend, Armon Warren, decided to go throughout their day as if they were expecting a child. Carter pretended to have all of the symptoms that come with pregnancy, such as cravings, sickness, exhaustion, and hot flashes. 

Reginae Carter and Armon Warren (Pictured: Screenshot from Carter’s YouTube video)

The two even stopped by her mom’s house to surprise her, but Carter’s nervousness made her squeal on herself as soon as her mom unimpressively opened the door. 

“Y’all always up to something,” Toya Johnson said while looking at her daughter up and down.

Johnson seemed over their shenanigans because she wouldn’t even contribute a name to their fake baby. She just kept repeating herself, telling them to “stop playing.”

Carter uploaded a sneak peek of the video onto her Instagram, where her mother commented, writing: “These two play all day. I’m so over them and these games they play on me [roll eyes emoji] [laughing emoji].”

Several fans commented on Johnson’s unmoved reaction, noting that she looked unamused by them.

“LMFAO, baby Toya was stressed.”

“Toya was so confused, like wtf is happening.”

There were a few comments where fans stated how cute Carter would look if she really were with child, which made fans further suggest that she and Warren should actually have a baby.

“She would look great, preggo.”

“Y’all manifesting a baby I love it!”

“This is so funny, but we manifesting this for you!”

“Several months later she will announce the real pregnancy.”

Carter and Warren continuously bring fans laughter and joy from YouTube videos that give fans a glimpse inside their relationship. 

In November 2022, Carter made fans gush over her surprise celebration for her boyfriend after his song, “Hol’ it Down,” which reached No. 11 on the Billboard digital sales chart. Carter documented her setup all the way to his genuine reaction, which made fans fall in love with the couple even more. 

Warren recently gifted his girlfriend a promise ring for Christmas and their six-month anniversary, which caused her to be overwhelmed with emotion. 

“This is something that you —Well I, I don’t know what everybody else dreams about— but I dreamed about, like, just… I got to say this,” she explained. “I dreamt about a guy that listens, and sees me, and, like, hears me,”

She added, “This is ring just means more to me because, like, he thinks about little things…this man really listens to me.”

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