‘Im Sorry You Played the Side’: Reginae Carter Hits Back at Critics Who Claim She’s Too Affectionate with Boyfriend Armon Warren

Reginae Carter once again is clapping back at critics on Twitter for spewing negativity about her relationship with her boyfriend, Armon Warren. This time, naysayers are seemingly saying Carter is too affectionate with her man in public

The 24-year-old uploaded a cryptic message to her Twitter page and let fans know she is not afraid to show appreciation to her man, nor have others make her feel as if she should be. 

Armon Warren and Reginae Carter. (Photo: @armon.warren/Instagram)

“It’s really weird to me when people get mad at you for loving your significant other out loud,” she wrote, “like I’m sorry you’ve played the side for so many years you don’t know different.”

Carter continued, “but me? Imma post wtf I want. Never have to hide s—t [blush emoji]” 

Hollywood Unlocked obtained Carter’s post and shared it on their Instagram page, where fans suggested she continue doing what she wants regardless of haters’ opinions.

“Misery loves company, keep loving your man sis”

“She said what she said. Love your man out loud baby girl. It’s nothing wrong with that”

“Love out loud and confidently Nae! Folks be half in love half in fear of looking stupid so they project that on others” 

The “Boxed In” star’s public service announcement comes a few hours after she and Warren posted photos from their date night where he asked her to be his valentine. 

Both Warren and Carter uploaded photos on their own Instagram page that gave fans a glimpse of their romantic evening. 

Carter’s posts consisted of her, her outfit, the Givenchy bag she wore, a video showing off her dessert with “will you be my Valentine” written over it, and a boo’d up photo with Warren. 

“‘Dinner Tonight Be Ready,’” she captioned the post.

The 25-year-old’s upload was only two photos; a full-body picture of himself and Carter and a snapshot of Carter holding up his “will you be my Valentine” dessert plate. 

“Will you be my Valentine,” Warren wrote as his caption.

The young adult, who’s a product of rapper Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson, has never shied away from putting people in their place when it comes to her man. 

In December, Carter went on a mini Twitter rant defending her relationship with Warren after people had something negative to say about the “Hol’ It Down” singer gifting his girlfriend a promise ring for their six-month anniversary

“Y’all old a— mad at my promise ring but been in 10 year relationships with a bunch of broken promises,” she penned.

“Get you somebody to take care of your time not waste it aunties,” Carter wrote. 

The couple made their relationship public back in September after posting themselves cuddling on Instagram. Prior to Warren, Carter had also been publicly linked to rapper YFN Lucci.

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