‘Baddie Energy All Summer’: Jordyn Woods Fans Are Left Mesmerized By Her ‘Home Grown’ Body Following This Bikini Post 

Jordyn Woods recently embodied “baddie energy” after showcasing her toned figure in a new bikini upload.

In the Instagram post shared on July 2, the 24-year-old, who wore a gold string bikini, gave fans a full view of her backside while posing for the camera.

?Baddie Energy All Summer?: Jordyn Woods Fans Are Left Mesmerized By Her 'Home Grown' Body Following This Bikini Post?
Jordyn Woods shows off her toned physique in a new bikini post. @jordynwoods/Instagram

Although Woods didn’t disclose her exact location, she did, however, use the image to promote her playboy centerfold one week after she announced her partnership with the company. 

She wrote in the caption, “baddie energy all summer. The rest of these are going on my @playboycenterfold.” As fans viewed the photo, many expressed in Woods’ comment section how much they appreciate seeing a natural body on their timelines. 

“This is what a natural woman looks like.”

“Natural body is the best.”

“Home grown and passed down from Mother Nature herself.”

 “Wow so nice to see what a natural body looks like you’re so beautiful.”

“Break the internet why don’t you Jordyn!”

Among the previous remarks, others defended Woods from the naysayers that claimed she obtained her body through cosmetic surgery. One wrote, “Beautiful and f–k everyone talking about whether you’re natural. Real fans have seen the transformation, and you look great.” 

Another said, “Now that is a real a–! This is what working hard for the body you want looks like!” A third person stated, “And this ladies and gentlemen is what natural booty to thigh ratio looks like. #REALBOOTY.”

This isn’t the first time social media users accused Woods of going under the knife. In September 2021, Woods received backlash for uploading a before and after weight loss transformation post while promoting her fitness app. 

The model received flak from fans because they claimed she was putting out a false narrative about how she lost all her weight. Following the scrutiny, Woods’ boyfriend, Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl Anthony-Towns came to her defense in a series of tweets. 

While denying the surgery claims, He wrote,  “Are we saying that women can’t work hard and transform their bodies?? I’ve SEEN the hard work and I’ve seen the results and trust me, this is all natural. Since she was 10 years old, people been calling this woman vile things because of her weight and instead of letting the Internet run her life, she went out the put the damn work in and changed her whole life.”

Anthony-Town added, “FITNESS SAVED HER LIFE! If you are a woman or man and don’t like where your body is at or just want to find new workouts to help you reach that next level, then download the FRSTPLACE app.”

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