‘Just Saying Crazy S—’: Cory Hardrict Claps Back at a Fan Who Suggested He and Tia Mowry Split Over His Wardrobe

Cory Hardrict seems to be tired of all of the false narratives placed on him when it comes to his relationship with his estranged wife, Tia Mowry

The “All American: Homecoming” actor recently clapped back at a fan who suggested that the reason he and Mowry didn’t work out is due to Hardrict’s attire. 

In one of his most recent uploads, Hardrict can be seen rocking a white shirt, a leather jacket, and pink pants as he smiled in front of a camera.  

“Just Smile it’s all Love rise above,” his caption read. 

After the photo dropped, it received notice from fans who began bringing up his relationship with Mowry. One fan decided to write, “I wish you and Tia get back together.”

Cory Hardrict claps back at a fan who speculated about his separation from Tia Mowry. (Pictured: @coryhardrict/Instagram)

The user’s comment received a reply from an array of fans, particularly a private page with the handle @taiyeasjihnson8. 

“#Tia Cannot Compete with that #PinkPants She does not have what he wants, #Peirod,” that person said. 

Another user responded to the above comment, writing, “How would you know what he wants opposed to his ex-wife? And what does the color of his pants have to do with anything?”

@taiyeasjihnson8 then inferred, “No #StraightMan wears Pink, Cory is alleged to be gay why his wife that loved him so much had to let him go!! He never wore #Pink when he was with #Tia.”

Hardrict caught wind of the interaction and sharply responded, “Y’all just saying crazy s–t now.” 

The 43-year-old’s response seemed to have resonated with fans because they rallied behind him in support of his statement. “These people crazy out here bro,” wrote one individual. 

Last October, the once beloved couple broke millions of hearts after Mowry announced that she and her husband of 14 years were going their separate ways. 

Since their separation, Mowry has been very vocal about her new journey as a single woman and mother. She and Hardrict share two children: 11-year-old Cree and 4-year-old Cairo Hardrict. 

During a chat with People Magazine in November 2022, the mom of two expressed that she’s “always in survival mode.”

“I’m always making sure everybody is okay, everybody’s alive, everybody’s healthy,” she told the outlet. “But for me.. It’s about learning how to be aware and present with myself, and tapping in and making sure I too am taken care of.” 

As Mowry and Hardrict’s pending divorce slowly comes to an end, the “Sister, Sister” actress is still hopeful that love will find its way back to her.

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