‘I Have Had Enough’: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Alum Brittney Taylor Says Her Children’s Father Abused Her for Years Following Her Arrest for Allegedly Beating Him With a Bat

Former “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Brittney Taylor was arrested after she allegedly assaulted the father of her children with a baseball bat.

The 27-year-old turned herself in last week after an arrest warrant was issued in New York.

Brittney Taylor (L) was arrested on charges of assaulting the father of her children Afeez Akande (R) with a baseball bat. (Photos: @brittneyftaylor/Instagram, @TMZ/Twitter)

According to a report from TMZ, Taylor also punched her children’s father, Afeez Akande, in the face in front of their 8-month-old and 2-year-old.

Akande reportedly had flown to New York to see his children. Reports say as he was leaving Taylor’s apartment with his mother and the children, the former reality star said something to Akande, which he ignored, prompting Taylor to punch him in the face.

He then left the premises, but Taylor chased him outside with a baseball bat, which she used to hit him in the head, his complaint says.

Akande was treated at a hospital, where he received several stitches for a cut near his eye. As for Taylor, she was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of assault. She was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

After reports of the incident made the rounds on social media, Taylor responded with a video of herself with a black eye claiming that Akande abused her. The New York native also included a lengthy caption with the post alleging that her Nigerian boyfriend had been beating her for years, and she’d had enough.

“This Nigerian man has been beating on me for Years,” she wrote. “He feels like women should obey their man and if they talk back they deserve to be hit. SMH, He’s abusing me mentally and physically. He’s beat me infront of my child more than twice. Here is a video from one time I caught him on camera in the background admitting to giving me a black eye.”

Taylor also claimed that Akande was stalking her and that she ended up moving from Miami.

“He’s now trying to play victim and grab a little clout along the way,” she added. “It’s very sad he’s going the extra mile to try damaging me as if he hasn’t damaged me enough. He’s a dead beat sadly because my daughter loves the hell out of him smh… I just wanna be left alone. I left Miami and I’m going thru hell.”

She continued, “I’m being stalked and disrespected every other day. I ran away from Miami because I could no longer endure the abuse while I was pregnant. I just wanted to get away so I packed 2 bags and left. He’s held all my things hostage and is even selling my things.”

Taylor insists she never hit Akande with a baseball bat and that she actually hit him with a toy after he knocked her grandmother down.

“Let’s be clear. I never hit him with a bat. He’s a liar. I hit him with a toy because he attacked me and knocked my 82 yr old grandmother to the floor in the process,” she explained. “SMH I was wrong for the way I retaliated and I turned myself in like the stand up woman I am and took my charges. There’s not excuse for violence but that was clearly reactive abuse. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.”

After reports began circulating online, Taylor then went on Instagram Live, where she stated she had been beaten by Akande for three years. The “Power” singer added that she is traumatized by the incident, noting that Akande showed up unannounced.

“I open the door, and it’s him and his mother,” she said. “What is he doing here? … I’m gonna avoid them… This man is being so disrespectful, okay? My grandmother is in the house. This man comes in, he’s cursing. ‘Oh, where’s the f—ing Pampers?”

It’s unclear when the alleged assault took place or how police got involved in the matter. But this isn’t Taylor’s first run-in with the law.

Back in 2019, Taylor was involved in another alleged altercation with rapper Remy Ma, whom Taylor accused of attacking her at a concert. Remy was charged with third-degree assault and four counts of misdemeanor assault and harassment.

However, the charges were later dismissed after prosecutors said they couldn’t prove the assault occurred due to a lack of witnesses and surveillance footage.

Taylor is widely known as a Queens rapper and supporting cast member on season 8 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Before Remy Ma, she had several on-screen fights with Bianca Bonnie, whom she often accused of copying her style and music.

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