‘Atlanta’ Star LaKeith Stanfield Calls Out Fans for Hitting ‘Like Too Fast’ On Steamy Pic With Girlfriend, Fans Clap Back

Actor LaKeith Stanfield posted a steaming picture of his new fiancée Kasmere Trice on social media, and immediately fans took notice.

The “Atlanta” actor, known for his eclectic sense of style and humor, uploaded to Instagram an image of his lady lying on his lap with her tongue wagging out to the camera. The black and white photograph is just as playful as it is spicy, and it was sure to catch people’s voyeuristic eyes.

Stanfield, a natural provocateur, most likely knew he would turn heads with the spicy flick but had no idea how swiftly people would respond.

Moments after publishing the image, he hopped in the comments and said, “Why y’all like this one so damn fast see y’all ain’t Sh-t.”

His fans were quick to tell him exactly why they tapped the heart button on his account. One put it plainly, “cos this what we love to see.”

Many said it was the very first thing they saw in their feeds when they opened up the app.

Ohers asked him what did he expect them to do.

“Why’s it my fault?? You posted it,” one person said before joking she was taking her “like” back.

Another asked, “Why you post it?”

Stanfield and Trice have been engaged for almost three months.

Trice dropped the news on fans as a pre-New Year’s Eve treat. The two, while on their vacation in the Bahamas, got engaged, and the newly betrothed shared pictures of the occasion.

“Yea… I’m having the best birthday 🥰😍 my baby made me Mrs. Stanfield for my birthday! 🥳#lakeithandkasmereforever.”


The happy Capricorn also took to Instagram with the same images with the caption, “Happy birthday, Mrs. Stanfield ☺️💍 #priceyiceyWIFEY.”

While many are obsessed with the sexy shot, the two are hitting the town with the rest of the Hollywood elites.

Trice’s social media shows that for this past Oscars weekend, the two has colored their hair blond and hit every red carpet in Yves Saint Laurent like the offbeat power couple they are.

The thousands of comments and likes by fans show, with or without clothes on, people are ‘shipping them hard.

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