‘Had on Steve Harvey Suit’: Lori Harvey Visits the White House In Oversized Suit, Fans Compare it to Host on Family Feud

Lori Harvey is usually noted as a fashionista, wearing some of the world’s most couture brands.

However, one of her most recent outfits was ripped to shreds by social media, with some of her followers claiming she is replicating her stepdad’s signature wardrobe.

Lori Harvey (right) speaking with Vice President Kamala Harris (left) (Photos: @loriharvey/Instagram.)

On Saturday, March 18, Harvey attended a brunch hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris, Glamour Magazine and the magazine’s editor Sam Barry, as a way to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The SKN by Lori Harvey founder, through her Instagram account, shared images from the big day, which was meant to honor 30 years of women who have shaped the world.

In the caption, she wrote, “The Vice President spoke about the progress made toward gender equity and how far we have to go. She also spoke about economic empowerment — highlighting that all issues, from public safety to maternal health, impact the status of women and families.”

While receiving the jewels dropped by the first female VP and other thought leaders, Harvey fellowshipped with the influencers in the room. Curated as a casual brunch, the gathering focused on some of the crises affecting many women and their families.

Both Barry and the publication were among the many to jump into the comments section of a post about the event on Harvey’s Instagram.

“Thank you for being a brilliant guest. What a special day,” said Barry.

Some individuals could not get past her oversized fashion choice, likening her outfit to the early 2000s Steve Harvey, her bonus dad. She donned a large gray pin-striped suit, with a metallic leaf-adorned top.

“That SUIT!!! Phew,” one person commented.

Another joked, “Making your pop’s suit look clean asf though… lol.”

One social media user even took to Twitter and wrote, “Lori Harvey had on Steve Harvey suit yesterday. Father like daughter!”

Fans poked fun at Harvey’s wardrobe, but it is on trend with 2023’s fashion style. According to Esquire, baggy suits are back in. In fact, singer Dua Lipa was spotted wearing a similar gray suit.

Her stepdad entered the world of comedy and entertainment with his large, oversized suits in various colors and designs. Over the years, the “Family Feud” host has switched up his style with more tailored suits and even brighter colors, but many recall his days on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

“That was back in the day, ‘Kings of Comedy.’ I was the king of urbanwear,” said Steve on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” in 2018. “That was really big where I was from but what happened was I married my wife and she told me she didn’t like those suits.”

The husband of Marjorie Harvey said he was “stunned” that she didn’t like his suits. When he asked her why, he said she told him she didn’t “want to be married to a pimp anymore.”

The comedian said he gave his wife permission to remove the suits she didn’t like while he was away on tour. Over time, he came to a closet with no suits only, “a little tailor” to customize his wardrobe.

“My wife changed the way I look and I had to start wearing two-button suits,” added Steve.

Lori’s sense of style is also taken from her mother, Marjorie, a fashion diva extraordinaire, and stylist, who has spent decades documenting runway looks for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

Earlier this month, fans compared Lori’s last fashion show look to something similarly worn by her mother during a trip to Paris.

The Harveys are known to go viral any time they step out for date night or while on vacation.

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