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‘Wow … I Haven’t Seen Her Since She Was Little’: Ice-T Fans Do Double Take After He Shares Rare Photo of ‘1st Born’ Daughter

Ice-T shared a picture of his first-born daughter, LeTesha Marrow, on Instagram on March 12, and fans noted her resemblance to her father.

The “Colors” rapper — whose legal name is Tracy Lauren Marrow — is married with three children. His oldest child is his 46-year-old daughter, LeTesha, whom he shares with his former high school sweetheart Adrienne Marrow.

The picture of LeTesha features what appears to be a fresh tattoo on her forearm that reads “Syndicate” in honor of her father. “The Syndicate” is a 1988 song by the recording artist.

LeTesha Marrow poses for a picture shared on Instagram by her father, rapper Ice-T. @icet/Instagram

The 65-year-old shared the picture with the caption, “Syndicate Princess @tteavbaby My 1st born.”

Fans loved the picture, and several noted the strong resemblance between the father and daughter. Others complimented her tattoo, honoring the former artist.

One fan exclaimed, “She looks so much like you!”

“Wowwww. Look at her,” replied another fan. “I haven’t seen her since she was real little. Beautiful.”

“That’s a dope tattoo,” noted one. “Syndicate is coming thru!!!

The “99 Problems” artist also has a 32-year-old son, Ice Tracy Marrow Jr., with his ex-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz. He and his wife, Coco Austin, also share an 8-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole Marrow.

The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actor also shared a picture of himself on Twitter on March 14, going into what looked like a CT scan or MRI machine for a routine checkup.

He captioned the post, “Nothing’s wrong… Just checking my Engine! I seriously advise all my guys out there to do your Check ups… Don’t wait till you’re sick! Early diagnosis can save your life. Real talk.”

Marrow clapped back after some fans complained under the post about affordable health care. “The Heist” actor responded that he was merely advising people to be proactive.

“I make a Post about going to the Doctor for check ups,” he replied. “Some people DECIDE to tell me THEY can’t afford health care.. I was broke and homeless. I know personally what a struggle life can be.. Does that have ANYTHING to do with my positive attempt to get you to take care of yourselves?? Smh.”

One fan replied, “You are amazing. Hope all is well.”

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