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‘I Have Been Put Through the Wringer for Almost Two Decades’: Nickelodeon Star Kel Mitchell Demands Ex-Wife Pay $12K for Taking Advantage of the Legal System In Years-Long Battle Since Divorce

Actor Kel Mitchell is back asking a judge to hold his ex-wife,  Tyisha Hampton, accountable for allegedly abusing the legal system.

Last month, the former couple went to court after Hampton accused her ex-husband of owing her $1.9 million in alimony and child support. She even painted him as an absentee father that barely saw their kids — daughter Allure and son Lyric — or supported them financially. However, a judge sided with the Nickelodeon star, ruling that she was paid “above and beyond” and he owes her nothing.

RadarOnline reports it has seen a legal filing that shows Mitchell is now going to court to have the mother of his two oldest children to be penalized to the tune of $12,300 for her actions.

The outlet says the 44-year-old claims in his declaration to the court that he has attempted to speak with his ex cordially, which resulted in her continuing to accuse him of owing her money. 

He claims Hampton “alleges that all the attorneys, including her own counsel, and judges are committing fraud and conspiring against her.”

The “Kenan & Kel” star also accused her of placing a lien on his current residence, which prevents him from refinancing, selling the home, or doing anything that requires the title. 

“Tyisha will not withdraw the lien or have it expunged. She will do whatever she can to get a hold of my assets, despite having no grounds to do so,” he explained. 

The acting veteran believes Hampton has been on a witch hunt to “get money from me and my family” despite being divorced for over a decade.

He said, “We were divorced in 2010 and still 13 years later we are still in litigation over the same case.”

Mitchell is also asking the courts to remove all liens from his accounts. 

“I have been put through the wringer for almost two decades. I have done everything I can to work with her through this process. All she has done is drag me and my family through the mud,” he concluded. 

Mitchell is currently married to Asia Lee. They share two children, a daughter, Wisdom, who was born in 2017 and a son, Honor, who was born in 2020.

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