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‘Closet Big Enough to Charge Rent’: Nicki Minaj Shares Video of Her Son In New Closet After He Tore Up ‘The Old One’

Rapper Nicki Minaj shared a video of her son hanging out in her new closet, and fans quickly noted the extravagance of the massive wardrobe space.

The closet includes glass doors with its own balcony, a chandelier, and several rows of wooden shelves, drawers, and extra space to hang other clothes and stock her purses. It also includes two islands in the middle of the room and a large round chaise.

Minaj shared the post on Instagram with the caption, “Who chile is this in mama new closet?” she wrote. “Thinking he gon b tearing this new one up like he did the old one. No sir, papa. No sir.”

Nicki Minaj poses with her son and her husband, Kenneth Petty. (Photo: @nickiminaj / Instagram)

The video was set to Minaj’s new single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” and featured her 2-year-old son, whom she affectionately calls Papa Bear, playing on the chaise as the video pans the room.

Fans were flabbergasted by the size of the closet, and several noted that the new wardrobe is bigger than their residences. The Shade Room referred to the closet as the size of a “whole clothing store.”

“I have never felt so broke in all my life.”

“That Ain’t A Closet That’s A GUEST HOUSE.”

“Girl that’s a Chanel boutique.”

“That closet big enough to charge rent! You looking for tenants?”

One fan added, “Papa said y’all gonna be sharing that closet whether you like it or not. Congrats on your new home Nicki. God stay blessing you.”

Last week, the actress announced that she was launching her own record label during her “Queen Radio” show. So far, her new label has signed artists Tate Kobang, London Hill, Nana Fofie, and Rico Danna.

“I have a record label now,” said Minaj. “When I get behind an artist, y’all know how I do s— for people that’s not even signed to me. Imagine what I’ma do for the ones that’s signed.”

Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, welcomed Papa bear on Sept. 30, 2020. The couple first met and dated as teenagers. They later rekindled their romance and married in 2019.  

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