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‘Gotti What You Do Bro’: Fans Suspect There’s ‘Trouble’ Between Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti  After She Shares This Warning on IG

Fans are suspecting that there is “trouble in paradise” between the new rising it couple Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti

The “Angela Cakes” founder uploaded a photo of herself fashionably rocking a pink-and-white ensemble that heavily accentuated her hourglass figure. Her chosen hair choice, to no surprise, was a honey-blond side-parted style.

As beautiful as Simmons looked, it was her caption that grabbed fans’ attention. 

Angela Simmons’ IG caption has fans inquiring about possible relationship trouble with Yo Gotti. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“You only win the Lottery once, don’t F^*k it up,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Simmons’ photo received over 103,000 likes and more than 1,400 comments, with some comments inquiring about a possible issue between the 35-year-old and her “Down In The DMs” rapper boo. 

“If ‘subliminal’ was a message.”

“Gotti what you do bro lol don’t f–k this up.”

“Must be trouble in paradise.” 

Despite fans’ assumptions, it doesn’t appear to be any drama between the couple, as Gotti commented under his girlfriend’s post sending her two emojis; a gambling machine and a red heart.

Simmons responded back with several kissy face emojis and a red heart. Since popping out with photos in January, the two have remained quiet whenever fans form hypothetical realities about their relationship

One of the most recent presumptions the couple endured centered around them faking their happiness after Simmons uploaded a photo of their preparation for the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony. 

Their seemingly serious poses made fans believe that they weren’t “as happy as they seemed.”

However, a few days later, Simmons uploaded another photo that showed them smiling, which made fans believe that she was subliminally letting the public know that they are content as a unit. 

Gotti has been manifesting a romantic relationship with Simmons since he professed his love for her in 2016. In an interview with the daytime talk show, “The Real,” the 41-year-old was asked to look at the camera and send a sweet message to his future woman.

“I feel like you a ‘BB’ you a boss and a beauty so I need you on the team,” he said while seductive music played in the background. 

When asked what made him attracted to Simmons, Gotti admitted that it was her “good girl” image. “I come from a certain culture in the street, and I always like the good girls,” he responded. 

It looks as if patience is a virtue that Gotti has mastered because his seven-year persistence awarded him with the good girl of his dreams.

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