‘I Was Wearing Them Like Hats’: Kim Fields Says She Wore Wigs on ‘Living Single’ After Natural Hair Experience on ‘Facts of Life’

Kim Fields’ character Regine Hunter, on the ‘90s sitcom “Living Single,” was a fashion icon who rocked more hairstyles than viewers of the popular show could count, and today the actress is opening up about why that proved true. 

The 53-year-old stopped by “Cocoa Butter” on YouTube and — calling it her “Hair-Story,” playing on the word history — she broke down the stories behind all of the characters she played throughout her successful career.

Kim Fields talks about her “Hair-Story” in new interview. (Pictured: Kim Fields on “Cocoa Butter”/YouTube)

During the video, Fields discussed the various hairstyles she wore on shows such as “Good Times,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Facts of Life” and “Living Single.” 

When the time came for her to explain Regine’s memorable wigs, Fields revealed the signature look came to be because of one simple thing: She didn’t feel like getting her hair done every week while on set. 

“I had learned after nine years,” she said, adding that although the stylist “was great in doing my hair every week in, week out on ‘Facts of Life,’ I didn’t feel like doin’ all that.”  

The “That Girl Lay Lay” director also noted that Regine Hunter’s wig during the first episode of “Living Single” was the hairstyle she chose to wear for the audition. 

“I wore this wig to the producer’s session. We just thought ‘Well, this could be kind of fun, actually.’ ” 

As the interview continued, Fields talked about why it was important to have numerous wigs for the Primetime Emmy-winning comedy series. 

“There’s always great versatility,” she said. 

Wearing wigs was so convenient for Fields, she explained that sometimes she would just slap them on. 

“I didn’t feel like wearing no wig cap ’cause they was too damn tight on my head … and I got a little ass head,” she said, “sometimes I wouldn’t even pin the joker on. I was wearing them like hats. It was like an accessory,” she said, laughing. 

She later joked, “If lace fronts was a thing back then, I didn’t get that memo.” 

On March 7, the cast of “Living Single” reunited to support their sitcom writer Yvette Lee Bowser, who was honored with “The Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Television Writing Achievement” at the 2023 Writers Guild of America West. 

In August, “Living Single” will mark 30 years since it premiered on the FOX Network. 

The iconic sitcom starred Fields, Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, John Henton, T.C. Carson and Erika Alexander as spunky 20-somethings who lived in the same New York-based brownstone.

Each character quickly captured fans’ hearts, and the show’s popularity influenced another comedy sitcom that premiered on NBC Network. 

In 2016, Latifah appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and explained how “Living Single” ultimately helped create one of the most-watched sitcoms of all time. 

“When Living Single came out, shortly thereafter Warren Littlefield, who was the president of NBC, they asked him if he could have any show on television, any of the new shows, which one would it be and he said ‘Living Single,’ ” she said.

Latifah continued, “Next thing you know, here comes ‘Friends,’ which was an amazing show.”

A few years ago, “Friends” actor David Schwimmer issued an apology to Erika Alexander via Twitter for wishing there was a more diverse series that resembled his show, to which Alexander reminded him that “Living Single” was the “template.”

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