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‘I Don’t Know What McDonald’s Smells Like’: Lil Wayne Says He Spends His Money on a Personal Chef Instead of Buying Fast Food

Lil Wayne recently sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss his new song “Kant Nobody” and his impending album “Tha Carter VI,” and more.

Yet, he paused for a moment to talk specifically about his diet. At one point, Lowe recognized Wayne’s healthy appearance and asked how he manages to keep in such good shape at 40 years old. 

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne. (Photo: @liltunechi/Instagram)

While answering the question, the “Lollipop” rapper confessed that his mother, Jacida Carter, was a chef and taught Wayne the importance of having his own personal chef.

“When I was 19 I moved to Miami,” he said, “I kind of promised the one thing she really wanted me to do was, she wanted me to get a personal chef.” 

Wayne continued, “She was like ‘you should get a personal chef so therefore you’re not just eating anything.’ You know, and so from the age of 19 till now, I’ve always had a personal chef.”

Thanks to his mother’s advice, Wayne claims he has no knowledge of what fast food tastes like anymore.

“I don’t know what McDonald’s smell like, I haven’t eaten any fast food in forever, and so I always tell people like they always be like ‘what’s your workout? What’s your workout, like what you do when you get in the gym?’ I am like only gym I know is Jim Jones, like, I can’t lift a weight, bro,” he said. 

The Young Money CEO jokingly added that the only workout he does is lifting his blunt up and down while he smokes it. 

Although Wayne might not work out in the gym, he has found a way to gain muscular strength by skateboarding.

After fans heard about Wayne’s key to maintaining a healthy diet, a few individuals went to Twitter and shared their beliefs about his claim. 

“Lil Wayne talking bout he don’t know what McDonald’s smells like and that he had a personal chef since 19… fym I seen a video of you eating dominos.”

“Nothing to do with a fast metabolism? Some people no matter what they eat don’t gain weight.”

It might be hard for fans to trust Wayne’s words because the accomplished artist is known for sippin’ on codeine syrup, also known as lean.

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