‘Leave It to Tamar to Lighten Up the Mood’: Tamar Braxton Makes Light of Chaka Khan’s Viral Interview In New Video with Sister Toni Braxton

Sisters Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton were recording an Instagram Live video while singing the theme song from the children’s show “Reading Rainbow.”

In the midst of having fun, they suddenly learned that Chaka Khan sang the song in 2000.

Toni Braxton Tamar Braxton
Toni Braxton (left) and Tamar Braxton (right). (Photos: @tonibraxton/Instagram, @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

The Shade Room captured a clip of the Instagram Live and shared it on their page. Tamar went on to bring up a recent interview with Khan where she spoke about Mary J. Blige covering her song “Sweet Thing” and harshly critiqued other female artists.

Khan confirmed to Andrew Goldman during “The Originals” podcast for Los Angeles magazine that she told Blige that she didn’t do well covering the song. “I didn’t say that out in public,” said Khan. “I might’ve said that to her. But I told Mary J. Blige that she f—d it up.”

Khan went on to say Blige was “flat” while singing the song and that she asked her why she sounded so flat. The “Ain’t Nobody” singer said Blige responded that she had been up late and made the recording at 8 a.m. the following day.

After someone off camera informed the Braxton sisters that Khan sang the theme song, a shocked Toni said, “That’s not Chaka Khan?! Trivia! Reading Rainbow is Chaka Khan. She can sang. I love her voice!”

Tamar referenced Khan’s Los Angeles magazine interview on the video as she laughed and said, “Chaka Khan got the girls together! She said she is the only one.”

Toni replied, “I know that’s right.”

Fans loved their video, and several noted that Khan didn’t sing the original “Reading Rainbow” theme song. “The original theme song was Tina Fabrique (that’s the one most of us grew up on) and Chaka remade it in 99… two legendary voices.”

Another fan wrote, “We don’t recognize this version. We only acknowledge the original intro with the flutes in the beginning!” One fan replied, “Leave it to Tamar to lighten up the mood chile I love you.”

During her interview, Khan was told she placed at No. 29 on Rolling Stone’s list of “200 Greatest Singers of All Time.” When asked how she felt about Blige’s No. 25 placement,” she said, “These b—s are blind as a mother f—-g bat. They need hearing aids.” 

Regarding Mariah Carey, who grabbed the No. 5 spot, Khan added, “That must be payola or some s–t.”

It seems as though the Queen of Funk is aware of her vocal greatness and won’t share the stage or booth with anyone who isn’t up to her standards.

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